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Road Trip USA - Von den Südstaaten nach Las Vegas

Gibt es etwas Amerikanischeres als einen Road Trip? Wohl kaum – bei dieser Reise von Louisiana nach Nevada ist schon der Weg das Ziel.


New Orleans
Las Vegas
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15 Jahre (in Begleitung eines Erwachsenen)
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  • Zu Besuch im French Quarter von New Orleans
  • Die Lebensweise der Native Americans kennenlernen
  • Partyzone Las Vegas


Schon die ersten Pelzhändler, die vor drei Jahrhunderten nach Louisiana strömten, liebten New Orleans. Auch Du wirst von der Stadt am Mississippi begeistert sein.

Ein langer Fahrtag steht heute bevor -wie in eine Road Movie geht es durch den tiefen Süden in Richtung Texas, dem Bundesstaat der Rinder und Ranches. Optional wird eine Tour durch das Schwemmland angeboten.

Bevor wir nach Fort Alamo aufbrechen, bleibt noch Zeit für einen ‚Riverwalk‘ auf den Spuren von Davy Crockett und Jim Bowie.

Fast ein bisschen gruselig wirken die weit verzweigten Tropfsteinhöhlen, die wir heute erkunden.

In New Mexicos Künstlerstädtchen findest Du Galerien, Boutiquen und Kunsthandwerk. Ein Hauch Wilder Westen ist der einst legendären Stadt aus den Zeiten der ersten Siedler Treks erhalten geblieben.

Erfahre mehr über die altertümliche Kultur der Vorfahren der heutigen Pueblo-Indianer im Süden Colorados.

Zwischen den Felsmonolithen des Navajo-Reservates fühlt man sich wie in einem alten Western Film.

Diese atemberaubende, bis zu 1.600 m tiefe Schlucht muss man einmal im Leben gesehen haben. Wenn Du Dir einen noch besseren Überblick verschaffen möchten, bietet sich ein optionaler Helikopterflug an.

Megastars geben sich in der glitzernden Fantasiewelt von Las Vegas die Klinke in die Hand. IWerfe einen Blick auf den Veranstaltungskalender und schon bist Du bei einer Bühnenshow live dabei.

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privates Fahrzeug


8 x Camp, 1 x Hotel,

Eingeschlossene Aktivitäten

Carlsbad Caverns Nationalpark, Grand Canyon Nationalpark, Mesa Verde Nationalpark

Wichtige Informationen:

1. Bitte beachte, dass die Tour am Tag 10 bei Ankunft in Las Vegas endet und keine Hotelnacht inkludiert ist. Bitte buche keinen Flug vor 21:00 Uhr. 2. Diese Reise wird auch in umgekehrter Richtung angeboten, siehe SSOK.


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Dennis Kilan
This is a great trip to explore a lot of places in the US. You will see a lot of great stuff on this trip, even during the long driving times in between. I can highly recommend doing this trip. The middle part has great views and a lot of stuff to do, don't skip it. As we had fellow travelers, not happy about the camping: This is a camping trip. That means: 1) You will sleep mostly in tents (that you pitch yourself) 2) All camping places have facilities to shower (some of them paid) 3) You will cook, clean up and load/unload the trailer almost daily and 4) Camp sites are usually out of town. All of this extra work is worth it.
Elizabeth Muller
I found very helpful for hint and tips . It made it more comfortable when travel because I was prepared .
Mark Leighton
Great way to experience different parts and aspects of USA the guide takes away the organising so you can concentrate on the experience. It was action packed we were never bored. Travel companions were like minded and we all helped each other.
Pat Child
Small group tour gives more flexibility, is more friendly and more personalised
Emma Rose White
It was a good way to experience the American culture and be able to be on a road trip while learning but making new friends around the world!
Emma Winton
I had a great trip with Intrepid travelling the USA with a wonderful bunch of people I'd never met before. All single travellers up for a laugh on a well organised trip with a wonderful tour leader!
Colin Denoual
intrepid has a good itinerary and very good tour leaders who are very helpful.The groups are small which makes it easier to get to know them Ihave had no problems whilst travelling.
Anna Tisch
This is a great trip that hits all the cool parts of the US - but be aware that you will spend very little time (sometimes a mere 2 hours) at the destination on the itinerary. The camp sites are some distance from each destination, and you will spend the bulk at camp grounds or in a van. Be aware in the trip notes that it says you will experience a variety in temperatures! You will have some very hot and very cold days - so pick a sleeping bag on the warmer side and bring a liner that you can use on the hot days. Also I would avoid bring a laptop or any expensive electrical gear - the nature of camping is that all of your belongings will get wet at some point in time - so I would stick to items you can easily dry out in the sun.
George Atkinson
If your considering it, do it you'll have the best time of your life.
Suzanne Bailey
Best of America was a whirlwind three week trip in which we truly experienced the best of all aspects of America. From learning to line dance in Nashville to camping under the stars in Monument Valley, we experienced the best of the big cities and the national parks that the USA has to offer! Amazing!
Dana Yee
Be prepared to spend more money that anticipated! For my 10 day trip (including the cost of the trip) I spent approximately 175 gbp a day.
Megan Waters
Intrepid is a wonderful organisation that clearly knows the areas that they travel to. They hold their staff at a high standard and ensure that the best places are seen. It is a very good idea from them to include optional activities that you can choose from in order to personalise your experience on the trip and make sure that you are not having to follow what everyone else wants to do
Selina Turner
One incredible experience, and without a doubt the best few weeks of my life. The trip allows flexibility, giving the traveler the option to do or not do the activities provided. The leaders are fun, approachable and enthusiastic whilst also providing knowledge about the people, places and culture. An excellent way to see America with a fantastic bunch of people.
Jack Dunsmore
Best Of America includes all of the must see stops in the USA. Our tour leader was fantastic, always very knowledgeable and willing to find out anything she didn't know. Great at keeping the van entertained during long journeys and organizing extra activities for the group. 10/10 would recommend.
Lauren Bell
My leader was amazing, he was so easy to talk to and get along with and the tents were so easy to put up and down. I do think the trips should be more thought out due to the ages, for example being over 21 I wasn't able to go out and experience night life due to my group mainly being under 21.
Johanna Piper
impressive, awesome, great hikes through pure nature, watching sunsets and sunrises, seeing beautiful citys
Lauren Hamblett
Be certain with the amount of hours in the van, nights camping and hiking with what you are willing to do. If you have the opportunity to visit Monument Valley, the overnight option is a once in a life time experience and would recommend it to anyone who has the chance.
Courtney Archer
10/10 would highly recommend! However it is all about what you're willing to put into it. Know that there might be people of different ages, orinatation, which means you might not always get your own way, we had one older gentleman on our trip who made things very hard, he constantly complained about how long it took us to get ready, or if plans changed, he didn't want to cook with us, or even go around the areas with us, I can imagine his experience was very different to my own. Know exactly how much driving you're squeezing into one trip, as it's a bit hard driving 4-6 hours on average a day, as well as setting up camp, shopping, cooking dinner, washing, etc. you don't actually get a lot of time in each place. Go for a trip a little more spaced out so you don't feel as rushed.
Alex Weekes
Bring warm clothes for the nights as it can be very cold in the desert areas, pack fairly light (there's laundry at most campsites) and be prepared to get bitten to pieces by mosquitoes
Grace Rodgers
Intrepid provided an extremely positive experience for my travel in the U.S. My tour leader was amazing at her job and was very informative in her knowledge about every place we went to.
Benjamin Bloch
Honestly one of the best experiences of my life! Get involved, be sociable, and be prepared to camp. If you jump right in, it's one of the best experiences you will ever have.
Emma Norris
My intrepid experience was amazing I had the best 3 weeks ever. It has been a once in a lifetime experience. I did all sorted or things and have seen so many beatufull places. I have made memory's that I will never forget and I have made lost of friends that have made the trip unforgettable !
Kelly Baker
Overall the trek experience was like no other. I would definitely recommend doing a trek compared to travelling on your own, as you probably wouldn't get the full experience out of travelling and potentially miss out on some experiences and site seeing. It's a lot less stressful as well and you meet some of the best people.
Luke Southerton
My trip with intrepid has been the best experience ever, I've see sights I can't explain and met so many nice people. I would defiantly recommend booking onto any of the treks intrepid do.
Rebecca Cuthbert
An intrepid trek is a superb way to travel hassle free and ensure you don't miss anything out. Access into the national parks in particular is a great advantage as they are much more difficult to access on your own and are definitely a highlight of America. You meet great people and make friends for life.
Theresa Shoebridge
Thos trip is a once in a life time opportunity and you should make the most of every moment. Share a laugh with new poeople and make new friends for life because there's nothing like the friendship you create with people you travel with for three weeks.
Ceri Richmond
When focusing on travelling and seeing new sights alone, Intrepid Travel is definitely a more relaxed alternative to organising travel and transportation by yourself. It always helps to have some common ground with the rest of your fellow trek mates (e.g. 10/12 of us had worked at various summer camps in the previous months). If you are a team player and fancy a good adventure, Intrepid Travel is definitely a good option for you!
Charlotte Wilson
This is an excellent trip to see a lot of places in a short space of time.
Molly Whitt
Amazing start to finish! I saw so many incredible sights and did amazing activities that I could never have done alone. My trek leader and fellow travellers were fantastic so all in all I had the best experience possible.
Madeline Bunter
Had the absolute best time on my trek. Got to see so many amazing places and meet some of the best people and share memories that i'll never forget. Would definitely reccomend it