Project SAMA has two goals – Advocacy and Fundraising. We aim to raise awareness around the issues of gender inequality, and secondly we aim to raise funds for projects around the world that address these inequalities.

Year 1 – 2012

Advocacy – Reached out to 2,000 people about the issues of gender inequality
Fundraising – Raised $60, 000 for it first project – Early Education in Laos

We are thrilled to report that, through the generosity of the Intrepid community – and with Intrepid also kicking in some cash – we were able to reach our first fundraising target of $60,000. These funds were directed to our Project SAMA’s first Early Learning Project in Laos. This project is run by Plan and so far they have:

  • Engaged with 845 parents through parenting education to improve their knowledge and skills;
  • Trained 62 teachers on child-friendly teaching and learning approaches that support all areas of child development;
  • Played an active role in the development of the National Holistic Early Childhood Development Policy;
  • Supported the Ministry of Education in its teacher training curricula;
  • Supported 50 early childhood centres in the most remote communities of Laos;
  • Assisted 1,542 children from ethnic minority groups to access school.

Year 2 – 2013

Advocacy – Project SAMA reached out to 10,500 people about the issues of gender inequality
Fundraising – Project SAMA raised over $90, 000 for 10 projects

In 2013 Project SAMA committed to supporting 2 Early Education programs run by Plan, in both Laos and Uganda.

In Uganda our fundraising efforts:

  • Supported 2901 children access quality early education programs
  • Assisted 605 children to successfully transition from early learning programs to primary school
  • Trained 58 caregivers on inclusive practices – ensuring girls are given the same opportunities as boys
  • Supported 336 parents to participate in parenting groups
  • Provided health education sessions for 87 parents

In Laos our fundraising efforts:

  • Supported the enrolment of 9,351 primary school children aged 6–8 years
  • Trained 14 preschool teachers from 3 districts on age-appropriate child friendly teaching methodology and positive discipline
  • Trained 272 volunteers in parenting education and maternal and child health and nutrition
  • Engaged 1,449 parents in parenting education sessions
  • Increased parents’ knowledge of child rearing, including importance of vaccinations, nutrition and providing time and materials for children to play;

Project SAMA also committed to supporting 8 of The Intrepid Foundation community projects focused on education and health programs for women and girls. We collectively raised over $26,000 for these projects located in the destinations Intrepid takes its travellers to. See our Projects page for more information about each of these programs.

Year 3 – 2014

Advocacy – Project SAMA aims to reach another 8000 people about the issues of gender inequality
Fundraising – Project SAMA aims to raise over $60, 000 for our 10 projects

After such a successful 2013 of fundraising from our community of travellers, staff and SAMA team, in 2014 Project SAMA will focus its energy on a big advocacy project that will aim to reach out and connect to a wider audience. Project SAMA will continue to fundraise for our 10 supported projects around the world. Check out how you can get involved here.