The Issue

“Girls and women are not the problem; they are the solution.”
Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl Wudunn, Authors of ‘Half the Sky’.

Girls’ in the poorest regions of the world are among the most disadvantaged people on the planet. They face unique barriers to survival and development – simply because they are girls.

The problem

  • 70% of the one billion people living in extreme poverty are women and girls
  • 53 million girls in developing countries are denied access to an education
  • Girls are more likely to be pulled out of school, have less access to health care, be married at an early age and experience more violence than men.
  • A girl in South Sudan is more likely to die in child birth than to go to school
  • Women produce half the world’s food and work 2/3 of the world’s working hours, yet women earn only 10% of the world’s income and own less than 1% of the world’s property.

The Solution

  • For every year girls go to school beyond grade four, family size drops by 20%, child death drops by 10%, and wages rise by 20%.
  • “There is no tool for development more effective than the education of girls.” Kofi Annan, Former UN Secretary General.
  • For every year a girls stays in school her income increases by 15%
  • An increase of only 1% in girls secondary education attendance, adds .3% to a country’s GDP
  • “Investment in girls’ education may well be the highest-return investment available in the developing world,” Larry Summers, former World Bank Chief Economist

These are the reasons Intrepid is stepping up and take an active role in promoting gender equality. Investing in girls also has significant benefits for their families, communities and entire countries. Everyone benefits, including boys and men.

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*All statistics care of Plans State of the World’s Girls Reports and WOMANKIND Worldwide (UK)