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Take on Kilimanjaro with Lonely Planet and Intrepid on an eight-day trekking adventure. This is the most popular and direct of the mountain routes and the only one serviced by mountain huts to provide protection from the elements. With one guide for every two passengers and a team of porters, all you have to do is focus on the incredible views and keep your footing, while the crew keeps you safe and sound. Hike through forests and alpine meadows, over rocky ravines and past lunar landscapes to the spectacular summit of Africa's highest peak – the panoramic views from the top of Mt Kilimanjaro must be seen to be believed.


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  • Sleep in mountain huts during your trek and enjoy an included acclimatisation day at Horombo Hut to give you the best chance of reaching the summit.
  • Travelling with experienced guides – the best on the mountain – plus trained porters, you'll be in good hands, with one guide for every two trekkers.
  • Passing through vast grasslands, giant cacti fields and alpine meadows, all against dramatic mountain backdrops, the Marangu Route is popular for good reason.
  • Hike Kilimanjaro's climactic last stretch by lamplight and give yourself as much chance as possible to watch a sunrise over icefields from behind Africa’s highest peak.
  • We’re an official partner with the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project. Hike easier knowing that while our porters are taking care of you, there’s someone looking out for them.


Day 1
Jambo! Welcome to Tanzania. Your hike begins in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Marangu. The hotel is a short walk from the village’s bustling market and some excellent coffee shops. It is also very close to some beautiful waterfalls and ancient Chagga caves. Please make sure you are at the hotel by early evening, as your trip starts with a full briefing and kit inspection by an experienced Kilimanjaro climber. This will take place before dinner, usually around 6 pm. In the event that one of you fellow travellers are late, the meeting may have to be rescheduled for the following morning.

Day 2
Mandara Hut
Stop into one of the offices of the Intrepid Foundation-supported Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project. Learn how various projects support the people who are helping you tackle Mt Kilimanjaro, making sure these hardworking individuals are fairly compensated and safe while they work. Not only will you gain an appreciation for the work of the folks who make the trek possible, but you’ll also be able to walk easier with the knowledge you’re supporting ethical trekking. Continue to Marangu Gate, the entrance of the Mt Kilimanjaro National Park (1860 m) and meet your guides and porters. With introductions and assignment of porter loads taken care of, it’s time to embark on the trek of a lifetime.

Day 3
Horombo Hut
Your second day on the mountain involves another long hike over a slightly steeper stretch. The total distance from Mandara to the Horombo huts is 12 kilometres (approximately 5–7 hours). Today you will see the rainforest give way to open and rolling alpine meadows dotted with giant heather trees. Once out of the forest canopy, the twin snow-tipped peaks of Kibo and Mawenzi lie directly ahead. These are two of the three great cones of Kilimanjaro (the other being Shira). During the day’s walk we will traverse several ravines before reaching the hut, which is set in a rocky valley. There is time to enjoy a wide variety of vegetation and changing landscapes on the way to Horombo Hut (3780 metres). We will spend the next two nights here at the hut.

Day 4
Horombo Hut
After breakfast, walk towards Mawenzi Hut, passing the unusual Zebra Rocks on the way. It’s a steep climb up a grassy slope, but well worth it: the views over the area towards Kibo are second-to-none. Afterwards, return to Horombo for lunch. Spend the afternoon relaxing and acclimatising to the altitude, or ask your guides about short walks in the area. Take advantage of the rest day here and drink plenty of water – the next couple of days will be pretty intense!

Day 5
Kibo Hut / Mawenzi Peak
Today you’ll walk the 10 kilometres or so from Horombo to Kibo Hut (approximately 5–7 hours). As the journey progresses you will notice the landscape gradually becoming more rugged and rocky, and the air noticeably thinner. We will have to soften our pace a little to accommodate these environmental changes. Marvel at giant groundsels and lobelias while you travel across the sparse moorland. Skirt Mawenzi Peak and marvel at the stark lunar landscape of the Saddle, reaching Kibo Hut in afternoon (4740 m), take the opportunity to have an early night in preparation for a very early (or late?) wake-up call.

Day 6
Uhuru Peak / Horombo Hut
Your guides will wake you up at 11 pm and hot tea will be served. Prepare for the last leg of the trek – to the summit. The distance from Kibo Hut to Uhuru Peak is six kilometres (approximately 6–8 hours), and the descent to Horombo will be approximately the same amount of time. The trek begins beneath the stars as you zigzag your way up a large scree slope, guided only by torch light, to reach Gilman’s Point (5685 m). With some luck, arrive in time for breathtaking views of the sun rising behind Mawenzi Peak. This is the stretch that most people find the hardest, and you should be prepared for a very cold morning. The dramatic spectacle of the sun rising over the ice fields of the crater will make the early start worthwhile. For those who still have the energy, it’s a further walk (approximately 2 hours) along the rim of the crater to Uhuru Peak (5896 m), the highest point in Africa. From here there are amazing views of the crater, ice fields and plains below. After photos and time to catch your breath, descend back to Horombo Hut for a well-earned rest.

Day 7
Continue your descent through alpine meadows and rainforest to the park gate. The distance from Horombo to Marangu Gate is 20 kilometres (approximately 5–6 hours). Here your transport awaits and you will return to the hotel for a relaxing shower – a real treat after the physical exertions of the last few days! Over a celebratory meal we can relive and share our experiences of the past five days on the mountain.

Day 8
There are no activities or trekking planned for today. A transfer to Kilimanjaro Airport or a shuttle to Nairobi can be arranged locally – please speak to your group leader about this at the welcome meeting.

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7 Frühstück, 6 Mittagessen, 7 Abendessen




Hotel (2 nights), Mountain hut (5 nights)

Eingeschlossene Aktivitäten

Complimentary Sleeping Bag and walking pole hire ( must be requested at time of booking )
Mount Kilimanjaro - Trek Briefing
Fully catered trek including National Park entrance fees, climbing fee, mountain huts & rescue services (5 days)
Mount Kilimanjaro - Services of experienced English speaking mountain guides (first-aid qualified) cooks and porters (a minimum of 1 guide to every 2)
Mount Kilimanjaro - Return transfers from hotel to park gate
Mount Kilimanjaro - Porterage of 1 bag (9kg/20lb max)
Mount Kilimanjaro - Emergency oxygen and comprehensive first aid kits
Mount Kilimanjaro - Services of experienced English speaking mountain guides (first-aid qualified) cooks and porters (a minimum of 1 guide to every 2)
Fully catered trek including National Park entrance fees, climbing fee, mountain huts & rescue services (5 days)
Fully catered trek including National Park entrance fees, climbing fee, mountain huts & rescue services (5 days)
Mount Kilimanjaro - Services of experienced English speaking mountain guides (first-aid qualified) cooks and porters (a minimum of 1 guide to every 2)
Mount Kilimanjaro - Services of experienced English speaking mountain guides (first-aid qualified) cooks and porters (a minimum of 1 guide to every 2)
Fully catered trek including National Park entrance fees, climbing fee, mountain huts & rescue services (5 days)

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First time with intrepid and i enjoyed the diversity of the group and the guides were well informed and willing to share their knowledge. The Killy crew gave me the confidence of knowing that i was in safe hands.
Incredible experience, tour leader Sam was excellent and would definitely recommend this trip.
Had a great time on the Kilimanjaro climb. A great way to challenge yourself meet new people and enjoy some breathtaking scenery.
Was very impressed with the reputation of Intrepid overseas. Many of those who worked for the company have such a high regard for the working conditions and benefits this company provides for the Guides, cooks, drivers & support staff.
You are in very capable hands with Intrepid: Don't think about it, do it!
Despite it being the toughest thing I've ever done, I can't recommend this trip enough - an incredible experience from beginning to end. Pack LOTS of layers, keep your phone and camera battery in an inside pocket come summit night to stop them from freezing, and be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime.
Trust the guide, don't overestimate yourself, be nice to everyone, specially the people that are helping you to reach the summit. Be nice to the people of your group, you are not travelling alone.
Such a challenging walk but the scenery the crew and the sense of achievement made it all worthwhile.
Take an extra day on marangu. 5 days is too short unless you are happy being very sick for the 2nd half
I would steer clear of this trip - The locations are great, Serengeti is amazing, Kilimanjaro is a great challenge. But if I were to do it again I'd avoid the daily long hours in an Intrepid truck which is setup poorly for group travel, and I'd also pick a different Kilimanjaro route - The altitude gains on Marangu are just too dangerous.
A great combination of outdoors, animals, and exertion! Summitting Kili is a major achievement. Made great friends that I hope to travel with again.
This trip combines Serengeti and a rapid ascent of Kilimanjaro in that order, each is very fulfilling but also quite exhausting in different ways and you may want to consider if this is the best order in which to do these activities. Don't attempt Kili without preparation, for an independent perspective on what to expect on the Marangu route read https://www.mountkilimanjaroguide.com/kilimanjaro-marangu.html and remember that this tour includes only the 5 night option...
Once in a life time experience. The guides, porters and cooks were very professional, hugely motivating and knowledgeable. The scenery is absolutely beautiful. I would recommend people to bring extra warm gloves and warmers for your hands and feet as the last hike to the top is very very cold.
I think it would helpful to include info on the website regarding preparation for the actual summit night. The worst the temperature can get and all the extra layers needed. their should be info on worst case scenario prep. I would suggest that the guides do not advise people to not take their diamox the evening of the summit. The site could also include info on whats available at each hut. The info on the website appears to be the minimum the travelers need to know but I think it would be helpful to include the maximum info.
Climbing Kilimanjaro is a 5 star experience! You will be so grateful for the staff and porters therefore beside of you tip you will be happy to donate your clothes to them! If you want to think ahead take a gift with you: Water repellent shoe and clothes protector ( you cant really buy it in Africa). That will help them to maintain their clothes longer in the changing weather.
I just did a small research while on Kilimanjaro, as Intrepid said the success rate to Uhuru makes totally sense, considering even on our team, we made it. keep up the good work Intrepid.
Mt Kilimanjaro was tough, but the memories and friendships made during this amazing trip were worth every bit of hard work. Plus the food was amazing!
the duffel bags are not waterproof despite it says so in brochure!!!!!!!!!!!! Items need to be in plastic bags before beeing placed in the duffel bags provided in order to stay dry
Unforgettable adventure - camping with wild animals outside our tents in the Serengeti, visiting Ngorongoro crater and a once in a lifetime trek to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. One of the best trips I have ever taken - animals, culture and a physical challenge. Tanzania should be a priority on your travel bucket list!
The summit walk to Kilimanjaro is one of the most challenging things I've ever done, but making it to final sign was worth every step. If you are a bit stubborn, not afraid of a challenge and want experience something bucket list worthy - this trip is for you.