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South Korea Real Food Adventure
Samuel Lonsberry

Excellent trip. I’d highly recommend this trip if you’re looking to understand Korean culture through its food. Our guide, T, was great!

South Korea Real Food Adventure
Fiona Hamilton

This food tour was food central! I had a chance to try things I would never order on my own and loved every experience. The food consumption was tied nicely with sightseeing to walk around and work up an appetite again. Even the vegan food at TempleStay was tasty enough. Definitely worth the trip and it’s fantastic having a guide that speaks the language and can give you the insiders tips.

South Korea Real Food Adventure
Chris Godrich

Fabulous Trip that gave us a great insight into South Korea, the history, culture and food. Our leader T was brilliant and always keen to show us the delights of his home country.

South Korea Real Food Adventure
David Cox

Food glorious food, I can’t wait to go back. Make sure to book some time in Seoul before or after, there is so much to see in the gem of South Korea !

South Korea Real Food Adventure
Fiona Baines

South Korea is not the best destination for sightseeing but the food is fab!

South Korea Real Food Adventure
Nicholas Blanch

South Korea is a pure delight. A world of delicious foods, friendly people and rich history. In Seoul the entire population of Australia is crammed in to a city, and yet everyone moves around harmoniously. It’s clean and easy to get around using the extensive public transport system. You can be eating pizza in a brew pub owned by an ex-pat one day, and doing a meditation session with monks in a hilltop monastery the next. Korea is full of experiences just waiting to be had. It’s a crime that South Korea falls so low on our travel radars… it gave me one of the most enjoyable and engaging holidays I’ve had, and I can’t wait to get back there again some time soon.

South Korea Real Food Adventure
Rachel Scharf

The tour is very interesting. You see and learn a lot. The food is also excellent. Because of the small group size you are able to intermingle with locals everywhere you go. Be aware that you will spend two nights sleeping on the floor at two different locations

South Korea Real Food Adventure
Samantha Young

Great trip to be able to see more of Korea than just Seoul whilst eating amazing local food along the way. Korean BBQ will never be the same!

South Korea Real Food Adventure
Isaac Parker

Great trip, great food, great views. The people of south korea are very helpful and polite. Cannot recommend enough