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Afrikas Garden Route und die Wilde Küste

Sanft geschwungen Weinberge und die wilde Küste, das grüne Hochland und die Drakensberge - unvergessliche Momente erwarten Dich entlang der Garden Route im südlichen Afrika.


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Min. 15 Jahre (in Begleitung eines Erwachsenen)
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  • Elefanten im Addo Nationalpark
  • Stammesbräuche an der Wilden Küste
  • Der südlichste Punkt Afrikas


Beginne Deinen Urlaub entspannt an der „Goldenen Meile“, wie die kilometerlange Uferpromenade mit ihren Cafés und Shops genannt wird.

In der dramatisch wirkenden Berglandschaft hast Du die Möglichkeit zu einer Tageswanderung mit einem lokalen Guide oder Du wählst eine der kürzeren Touren.

Im ‚Königreich des Himmels‘ besuchst Du den Golden Gate Highlands Nationalpark, Heimat für Zebras, Antilopen und zahllose Vogelarten. Danach kannst Du das Dorfleben im Hochland kennenlernen.

Azurblaues Wasser und perlweiße Strände laden zum Entspannen ein. Außerdem lernst Du die Sitten und Gebräuche des Xhosa Volkes kennen.

Der in der Nähe von Port Elizabeth gelegene Park war immer besonders um den Schutz von Elefanten bemüht. Heute kann man auch Löwen, Büffel, Leoparden und Nashörner beobachten.

Die Garden Route entlang des Indischen Ozeans führt durch Naturwälder zu dem an der Küste gelegenen Tsitsikamma Nationalpark. Häufig sind neben Delfinen und Tümmlern auch Wale zu sehen.

Vogel Strauß ist in dieser Gegend zuhause und freuen sich auf Deinen Besuch.

In Afrikas bekanntester Weinregion kannst Du auf einem Weingut den berühmten Rebensaft kosten und mehr über den Anbau erfahren.

Auf dem Weg nach Hermanus halten wir am südlichsten Punkt Afrikas, dem Kap Agulhas.

Erlebe Kapstadts besonderes Flair. Ein Ausflug zum Kap der Guten Hoffnung ist ein perfekter Abschluss.

Was ist inklusive?


13 Frühstück, 3 Mittagessen, 12 Abendessen


Overland Truck


8 x Camp, 3 x Hostel, 2 x Lodge

Eingeschlossene Aktivitäten

Addo National Elephant Park – Safari Fahrt, Cango Höhlen, Drakensburg – kurze Wanderung, Swellendam Weintour

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1.) Einzelzimmer sind gegen Aufpreis buchbar. 2.) Bitte plane umgerechnet etwa EUR 195 für nicht inbegriffene Mahlzeiten ein. 3.) Bitte buche keine Flüge vor 22 Uhr am letzten Abend.


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Angela Elliker
This trip exceeded all expectations, I was so sad when it was over. A great variety of places and locations, stunning scenery, professional and friendly staff and overall a fantastic and fun introduction to Africa, I'll be back for more.
Tony Palmer
Intrepid trips are well organized safe and enjoyable. They take to places you would never go alone and you meet friends you keep for ever. Once you try you’ll keep going back.
Harry Teeuwen
The Kruger, Coast, Cape tour was amazing. Some of the most spectacular scenery seemed toappeared from nowhere. Seeing most of Africa's wild animals in their natural environment was a sight not to be missed. Mixing with locals at every opportunity gave us a great insight into South Africa's culture. A great trip.
Heidi Hoeft
Expect long days travelling, cold nights, mangled hands (from putting up and taking down that tent) only to be rewarded with spotting the big five, the small five, the ugly five, amazing sunrises, gorgeous sunsets, extraordinary landscapes. Africa is an adventure not a holiday, appreciated more when you are back in your own bed dreaming about your African encounter.
Jessica Bowman
Very action packed trip that is worth every penny!
Helen Wylie
I am a total Intrepid fan. As a senior citizen have enjoyed every minute of my 8 different trips.
Frank Piwecki
it was a great experience and a wonderful time with Nick and Gordon! I have learned a lot about the country, nature, people, politics and had a wonderful time. Marvel, recreation and new experiences. I' ll do it again! Thank you for that adventure, folks an a happy day for all!
Deb Hurkett
Gdn Route - It's a must do !! Cultural & destination trip (not so much game viewing). If in July, bring gloves, thermal clothes & liner for sleep bag - this will ensure you have an incredible trip. Gift & Sandile (crew), with this itinery gave us a fun & comprehensive tour of SA - kept us safe & healthy. Food, accomm, local wine & beer excellent. Do the extra activities. Lesotho is a highlight. Buy from local/ Community market people along the way - they're great people trying to make a living & love to chat - take the time. We now have Sth African dust in our souls !!
Dianne Villaret
I was told by my wise tour guide that "Once you set foot in Africa, you can never shake its dust off your feet." This idiom encapsulates the deep impression and lasting memories, the 'Kurger, Coast & Cape' tour left in me. If you want to truly experience the diversity in the culture and landscapes of South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho, then this is the trip for you. Yet, this trip is designed for the sturdy and adventurous; with camping on most nights, very little reliable wifi, and shared responsibilities with cleaning and packing up. These however do not deter you from having a trip that writers like Hemingway, Theroux and Blixen would have trouble giving justice.
Michelle Barron
This trip is perfect for anyone looking to experience all the beauty and adventure South Africa has to offer. It's a great combination of downtime and included/optional activities so you can make it as adventurous or laid back as you want. The camping was a great experience (I had never camped before this trip) and the tents are easy to put up/take down once you get the hang of it but definitely bring gloves as they came in really handy with tent assembly. Overall had an amazing experience; truly unforgettable.
Dan Cox
I did my first trip with G Adventures in June (to Madagascar). The company has an excellent app for its travelers. It includes the trip notes and optional activities, a map, packing checklist, lastest currency exchange, emergency numbers etc, and it makes it so easy for the traveler to quickly check what's happening tomorrow etc. without carrying around printed trip notes. Has Intrepid thought about developing/offering such an app to its travelers? It was so helpful and I'm keen to use one!
Sally Hurkett
I would highly recommend travelling with Intrepid, we got to see a large part of South Africa in a short period of time. We got to experience the culture, people and everything SA has to offer. Our guides Gift and Sandile, were bubbly, friendly, professional and looked after the entire group very well throughout our trip. Thanks to them and Intrepid my holiday in SA was spectacular.
Ashley Fruechting
This tour packs so much into two weeks - be prepared for an amazing experience!! You will eat delicious dinners, enjoy unbelievable views, and explore places far off the beaten path. To reiterate what others have said: Bring workgloves to help set up your tent (total lifesavers!), warm clothes if traveling in winter (it gets very cold at night), and DEFINITELY do the Amphitheater Hike in Drakensberg. There's a fair amount of time on the truck and the accommodations aren't fancy, but if you want a memorable adventure, this is your trip.
Graeme Jones
I loved this trip. The itinerary is well thought through and the driving to destinations a scenic banquet in itself. Inclusions are good, but also take some money to do the optional activities. Camping may not be for everyone, but minimal requirement is young at heart (this author 50+).
Diane Stewart
This trip was my first time travelling alone and can I just say if you are thinking about doing something like this but afraid then please do not waste another second thinking and just book. From the start I was never on my own, with intrepid organising my transfers from and to airport all I had to do was turn up and meet my group. The group was absolutely lovely and from the start we all really had a blast together and made some really lovely friends. Our group was quite small as was off peak season with just 5-6 for the duration which we were told is not very common with each trip being normally fully booked during peak season. It was fantastic for us, more room on the overland vehicle which was great for one :) the vehicles are really well set up and efficient, the tents are easy peasy to assemble and mattresses so comfy you would hardly know you are even camping! Do bring heavy duty gloves for pitting up the tents though as without can be sore on your hands and will be your godsend and it gets really cold at night but as long as you have a warm coat then you will be fine. Our guides also took us to a store to buy nice heavy blankets if we wanted to so that was awesome. If you are lucky you will get a guide as amazing as ours was, thank you Gibson and not forgetting our wonderful driver Gordon. The two of them were patient, kind, funny and extremely hard working during the trip, always striving to make sure that we were happy and constantly filling us in with lots of interesting information about south africa and the stops we made along the way. The food was absolutely top notch every day, and there was always seconds if anyone was still hungry. All of the places we stayed were unique to their own properties and this added so much to our south african experience from camping to staying in log cabins and 5 star backpacker lodges, it was all perfectly planned and can only thank Intrepid, Gibson and Gordon for making everything so perfect. I really enjoyed the itinerary and how it was laid out, I honestly think you would find it tough to beat what south africa has to offer, from the magicness of the safaris and wildlife, to majestic mountain ranges, the pristine beaches and all of the magnificent scenery we saw along the way as we travelled down the country. I had the time of my life, thanks again intrepid, Gibson, Gordon and to all of our group Shahna, Dean, Harry, Graeme and Martine for making the trip what it was, absolutely amazing ??