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Experience the essential sights of a land that lay hidden behind the Iron Curtain for decades on a revealing eight-day tour of European Russia. Travel through Moscow, Suzdal, Novgorod and St Petersburg to peel back some 1000 years of history. From the blue-domed whimsy of the tenth-century Cathedral of the Nativity to the Soviet-era communal apartments of St Petersburg and the restaurant car of an overnight train – this adventure is the perfect introduction to the expansive history and diverse faces of Russia’s western reaches.


St Petersburg
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  • Let whimsical Suzdal capture your heart and imagination with its onion-domed monasteries, spiced-honey mead and during dinner with our local friends.
  • Enjoy a tea party with a local family in one of St Petersburg’s Soviet-era communal apartments, grand dwellings converted to working class accommodation after the Russian Revolution.
  • Visit the mausoleum of Lenin, famed revolutionary and Bolshevik leader, and compare the tomb’s austerity with the eye-bulging treasure collection in the Kremlin and Armoury Museum.
  • Discover Russia’s oldest city on a guided walk through Novgorod, including the 15th-century Kremlin compound that sits on the banks of the Volkhov River.
  • Encounter the living legacy of Russian tsar Peter the Great while exploring the streets of St Petersburg, which are lined with opulent monuments built with the forced labour of serfs.


Day 1
Zdrastvutye! Welcome to Moscow, a city that has survived centuries of revolution and tumult, from the days of the tsars through the communist era to the growing pains of democracy. Your adventure begins with a welcome meeting at 6 pm tonight at your hotel. After the meeting, your leader will organise an optional meal so you can enjoy your first taste of delicious Russian cuisine with new friends. If you arrive in Moscow with time to spare, there’s plenty to see in this fascinating, historic city. Consider taking an immersive local-led tour with Urban Adventures like the Moscow Underground tour, which reveals Soviet Russia through the mind-bending Moscow Metro.

Day 2
Get ready for a morning of travelling. You’ll take the train to Vladimir and then get transferred to Suzdal, arriving around middday. The town is a main stop on Russia’s legendary Golden Ring, the circle of ancient and former capitals that played an important part in the formation of the Russian Orthodox Church. Fairy tale-esq Suzdal is filled with contrasting examples of early Russian architecture, where onion-domed monasteries stand next to lovingly decorated wooden cottages.
In the afternoon, get to know Suzdal on a 3-hour walking tour of this ‘open-air museum’. Take in the grandeur of the Kremlin, the carved stonework of the Cathedral of the Nativity, the trading square, market and monasteries. If there’s time, walk along the banks of the river and then pop into a local cafe for tea, bliny (pancakes) with caviar, or the Suzdal specialty of medovukha (honey-based spiced mead) or peek inside the crumbling churches that line the narrow streets and alleys.
Tonight, meet with your group and be welcomed into a local household to enjoy some hearty home cooking.

Day 3
This morning, say goodbye to Suzdal and travel back to Moscow. The afternoon and evening is all yours to spend. Maybe hop on and off the metro to explore the palace-like stations, visit Tretyakov Art Gallery, or spend a leisurely afternoon at Gorky Park. Tonight would also be the perfect time if you want to see any of the theatre performances, but we recommend you to book the ticket in advance as they are in high demand.

Day 4
Moscow – Overnight Train
Visit the mausoleum of Russia’s most famous revolutionary – Lenin. Join the groups of tourists and locals waiting see the preserved body of the initiator of the 1917 Russian revolution, contained in an austere building in Red Square. Continue with a local guide to the Kremlin grounds, home to the oldest and most important churches in the country, and the resting place for many Tsars and Tsarinas. Walk through the soaring towers and cathedrals of the political and spiritual heart of Russia before entering the Armoury Museum, home to an eye-bulging former royal collection of ambassadorial gifts, Faberge eggs, coronation robes and glittering jewels. This evening board an overnight train to Novgorod (approximately 8 hours) from Moscow’s Leningradskiy railway station.

Day 5
Arrive early in the oldest city in Russia. Explore the city’s sights on foot with your local guide. The city’s foremost attraction is the graceful Kremlin on the banks of the Volkhov River. Inside there are museums and the Cathedral of St Sophia, as well as the amazing Millennium Monument, which tells the story of 1000 years of Russian history. On the opposite bank of the river are quiet shady streets, the graceful ruins of Yaroslav’s Court, and other echoes times gone by. In your free time, maybe check out the Yurev Monastery on the shores of Lake Ilmen, visit the Wooden Architecture Museum just outside of town, or catch a performance at the Philharmonic Hall. In the summer you can relax on the little riverside beach or take a boat trip on the Volkhov River. Tonight, maybe hit the banya (bath house) for a refreshing steam and wash with the locals.

Day 6
St Petersburg
Travel by private bus from Novgorod to St Petersburg, one of Russia’s most celebrated cities (approximately 4 hours). Truly one of Europe’s grandest cities, the living museum of St Petersburg is a blend of baroque European architecture and Russian royal history, built by the Russian tsar Peter the Great by forced peasant labour. Head out on a walking tour with your leader to learn about the city. In the evening, visit the home of our local friends and have a tea party, Russian-style. Not all of the family members speak English, but with your leader on hand to interpret and their warm hospitality, you’ll be feeling like one of the family in no time. These families live in St Petersburg’s Soviet-era communal apartments, which are still common in St Petersburg. This is a truly unique local experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Day 7
St Petersburg
Built on 42 islands, St Petersburg is also known as the ‘Venice of the North’. Spend a free day exploring the city, crossing its many rivers and canals at your own pace. Perhaps enjoy incredible views across the city from the colonnade at St Isaac’s Cathedral, or walk along Nevsky Prospekt – St Petersburg’s main street. Maybe pop into one of the many bakeries or coffee shops along the way, or head down to Aleksandr Nevsky Lavra where Russia’s great musicians and writers like Tchaikovsky and Dostoyevsky are laid to rest in the cemetery. Feeling artistic? You could give life to a family of matryoshka dolls in a painting workshop. Whatever you choose, the city is easy to get around and your leader can help you make the most of your free day. Tonight, perhaps gather together your fellow travellers and seek out a cosy restaurant.

Day 8
St Petersburg
Your Russian adventure will come to an end today after breakfast. There are no activities planned and you are able to depart the accommodation at any time after check out. St Petersburg has much to offer. If you’d like to stay on to explore please speak to your booking agent about securing extra accommodation (subject to availability).

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Overnight Sleeper Train , Private Bus , Public Bus , High Speed Train , Taxi , Metro


Hotel (5 nights), Guesthouse (1 night), Overnight Sleeper Train (1 night)

Eingeschlossene Aktivitäten

Suzdal - Home-cooked dinner
Suzdal - Guided Walking Tour
Suzdal - Guided walking tour
Moscow - Kremlin & Armoury Guided Tour
Moscow - Lenin's Mausoleum
Novgorod - Walking Tour & Kremlin
St Petersburg - Tea party with local family


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this was my first group trip and was very enjoyable. There was a good mix of activities and free time. The itinerary was interesting and varied and included things I would not have been able to do if travelling on my own. Highly recommended
I highly recommend Intrepid's Trans Mongolian trip from Beijing to St Petersburg. A wonderful cultural experiences with excellent guides who help get through all the many complications that makes this trip so satisfying.
I highly recommend Intrepid! Amazing trip - we got to experience local culture and all the touristy stuff too.
Don't hesitate, take this trip. Russia can be difficult to navigate on your own with the language and alphabet, and this trip helps to smooth the path.
I will travel again with Intrepid. The reason being the destinations, home stay experiences and exemplary quality of their Team Leaders
An excellent trip, full of fascinating excursions, which meant i slept sound every night, waking up ready for the next day!!
The Trans Siberian was a lifelong 'dream' If you are planning to go, remember this is not a Tourist train and you absolutely get the best experience with Intrepid.
Make sure you are fit and don't hold group up. Age immaterial attitude is everything
Use the save favourites option to keep past searches.
This is the exact opposite of those sanitized group tours of buffets, chain hotels and sitting in a huge bus all week. You will have dinner with local families, learn about Russia from incredibly charismatic local guides, take many types of transport, see many Kremlins, taste mead, try going to Banya, and make friends with other like minded travelers. I hope Ekaterina is your leader, she is fantastic! I can't wait to take another Intrepid tour!
Great tour to get a great insight and flavour of Russia.
This one-week discovery of Russia was a wonderful experience and allowed me to see the country in a different light from the one shown in our media. I highly recommend it.
The trip notes were very comprehensive and if read prepare you well.
Jenny & Steve
Saw the heart of Russia, got a feeling of the cities, countryside and people. Make sure you are use to walking as covered a lot of areas by foot.
A fabulous way to confidently travel in places/ countries you think may be a bit challenging on your own!
Great trip! its long, but that's the idea. Note it is popular with the retirees, just so you know who your traveling with. Amazing locations and truly lets you see Russia from a un-basis western media point of view.
Greg & Marg
This was a large group - 15 customers, 2 trainees and a leader. This is too many for the type of travel that Intrepid does.
Good adventure travel, guides are caring and accurate.
Excellent overall, if you want a glimpse of real (not what's in western media) Russian culture I highly recommend this tour. Local meals, stops in smaller towns, local guides and intrepid's emphasis on keeping money in the country really sets it apart. D
Intrepid provides the best CP value tour, you'll have a managing Intrepid tour.
Local sourcing is what attracts me to use Intrepid. Each of the tours I have taken with them has provided me with insights of the destinations that I doubt I would have had with other operators. Intrepid includes in each of their tours touches that make them personal and unique.
The experience has shifted and exceeded my expectation of group travel.
The experience has exceeded and shifted our perception of group travel.
The tour is fantastic!
If you like to get off the beaten track, have an adventure or experience local life away from the cities then an Intrepid trip is a great place to start.
Ignore the stereotypes and enjoy the interesting food and generous hospitality of Russians while experiencing a thousand years of History.
Fantastic overview of Russia.
Intrepid helped us explore Russia feeling safe and seeing lots of different areas. Lots of local experiences along the way.