Polen bietet eine abwechslungsreiche Landschaft: Im Norden die Küste mit endlosen Sandstränden, im Landesinneren unzählige Seen und dichte Wälder und an der südlichen Grenze die Karpaten. Lebhaften Trubel findet man in den unzähligen Kneipen und Cafés der Städte sowie historische Sehenswürdigkeiten in Hülle und Fülle. Reisende schwärmen von den einzigartigen Nationalparks und wunderschönen Kulturdenkmälern und der Brücke zwischen Tradition und Moderne. Schon allein aufgrund Warmherzigkeit und legendären Gastfreundschaft sollte Polen auf der Liste eines jeden Reisenden stehen.

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Baltic Experience
Entdecke die baltischen Staaten Finnland, Estland, Lettland und Litauen mit ihren mittelalterlichen Städten, barocken Prunkbauten und nahezu unberührter Natur.
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Best of Central Europe
Jim Puskas

Good hiking shoes for Gorey Stowey and the other hiking destinations are recommended.

Best of Central Europe
Holly Conley

Had a great time in Central Europe. New to us and Intrepid paved the way.

Best of Central Europe
Thomas Walsh

Great people, good itineraries, smaller footprint.

Best of Central Europe
Helen Kent

What a wonderful trip, so well organised and stress free. We had a wonderful time visiting places we would never thought to visit and these were so interesting and beautiful. the citys were well organised too. Backpacks definetely was the way to go. if you ever have the pleasure of having Ivan as your leader, he is wonderful !!

Best of Central Europe
Mark Kent

what a great way to holiday. Had a wonderful time and met some really great people.

Best of Central Europe
Michael Beavers

The trip was enjoyable and informative. I highly recommend Intrepid for travel.

Best of Central Europe
David Bowden

Great itineraries, great leaders, like-minded travellers to share trip with.

Best of Central Europe
Wendy And Adrian Vosloo

Love Intrepid! Leave them to plan and organise everything.

Best of Central Europe
Elizabeth (Lizzie) Meates

This is a great trip to a wonderful part of the world. The history of this area is so important to know and experience. it does impact and changes you forever. Well planned trip with stops in stunning places with lots of fun activities. Would certainly recommend this trip

Best of Central Europe
Jee Foo

This trip offered a good mix of historic cities, cultures and countryside in a short 4-week period. There was a fair amount of walking in the hot summer sun (end May to June) and I wished I had brought along more changes of light clothings and ditched the heavier ones.

Best of Central Europe
Michelle Melish

Intrepid is the right fit for us when going on holiday. We enjoy meeting people from around the world, traveling in a small group with a local guide, learning about the local culture, and traveling in a responsible and respectful way. The accommodations are basic but centrally located and more than adequate considering you only spend a small amount of time in the room. We look forward to spending future holidays with Intrepid!

Best of Central Europe
Fran Wolter

Good trip, interesting itinerary, pack light. Loved the old cities with cobble stone streets, interesting buildings, Churches, Castles and Palaces and the history.

Best of Central Europe
Helen Carroll

Vienna to Dubrovnik was an excellent way to learn about the history – both past and more recent – of this area. Our guide was knowledgeable, and facilitated our learning. The extra options were diverse and ranged from hikes to cooking class. Travel by public and private transport was interesting.

Best of Central Europe
Todd Bradel

This trip was well organized and covers a good portion of Central Europe. After the trip I felt I had a good understanding of the culture, history, the art scene, and the local cuisine of the region. We traveled in mid May and the weather was great…mid 70s (F) and very little rain. The hike through the mountains was very scenic and I recommend, at minimum, low top trail running shoes or approach shoes. Room accommodations were very generous in size compared to other parts of Europe I’ve traveled to. There was plenty of time to explore the cities and towns on our own, and to eat meals on our own. Great trip, overall!

Best of Central Europe
William Tyrrell

A great way to travel. It’s always a small group, you get to know everyone well. We love that everything is organised for you, you just have to turn up. Itinerary is fantastic in that you see so much you wouldn’t know about otherwise and the tour leaders are so well informed and there’s no other way to travel for us.

Best of Central Europe
Nigel Bullen

Bike ride was good and the Tatras hike was wonderfull. The salt mines were well worth it also.enjoy

Best of Central Europe
David Burgess

To enjoy your travels take the time to read about the places you are going to in advance, make a list of some of the sights you want to visit and be open to new experiences.

Best of Central Europe
David And Jan Young

Omg we were so impressed with the tour. Made great friends along the way and want to do it alk over again. Already planning our 10 year group reunion

Best of Central Europe
Ian Craig

Intrepid is an easy way to travel and meet other people, we have loved all the guides we have had and an amazing time. The accommodation has always been clean and sometimes a little bit different which we love. Real value for money.

Best of Central Europe
Johan Kleynhans

The tours we have done was excellent with absolute amazing tour leaders that made such big difference in outcome of the experience we had

Best of Central Europe
Rachael Henderson

An awesome way to see Central Europe! Ivan was incredibly well organised, informative and made the trip really fun. Intrepid makes it possible to see places, like Gory Sowie that would otherwise be hard to get to. Highly recommend!

Best of Central Europe
Christine D'Agostino

This was my first solo travel experience & I loved that the itinerary gave me enough free time to feel like a solo traveler while affording me the security of knowing how I was getting to the next destination & where I was staying. The small group & awesome trip leader made us all feel like family by the end.

Best of Central Europe

Central Europe itinerary was excellent with a good mix of cities and rural areas. Accommodation was excellent, varied and very central in the cities. Modes of travel were interesting, varied and efficient. A most enjoyable trip, especially being with like minded fellow travellers.

Best of Central Europe
Jayson Van Ee

Intrepid Travel is great value for the money spent. Easy to follow along, super knowledgeable guides, geting to be among the locals, using local transit, eating local food, all in all so much fun and great memories for life.

Best of Central Europe
Desley Cullen

Great introduction to Central Europe that includes grand cities, small villages and historic countryside. Be prepared for sudden changes in weather but pack light enough to comfortably negotiate cobbled streets and busy transit stations.

Best of Central Europe
Laura Doeven

Great itinerary – lots packed in without feeling at all rushed. Arrive a few days early to properly experience Vienna.

Best of Central Europe
Malamati Mossman

This trip exceeded my expectations. The itinerary was varied and the tour leader made a multi-country tour easy to negotiate, very interesting and extremely enjoyable.

Best of Central Europe
Jon Zablocki

Have enjoyed all the trips done with Intrepid, great places, wonderful guides, fantastic scenery Would recommend to anybody who wants to enjoy different experiences

Best of Central Europe
Kerry Huang

An excellent tour for travellers who want some freedom/independence but also enjoy some company and transportation/logistics worked out for them. A nice balance and mixture of big cities and small towns/villages visits.