Philippinen Rundreisen

Grüne Reisterrassen, weiße Strände mit kristallklarem Wasser und die charmanten Dörfer in den Bergen machen die Philippinen zu einem authentischen und noch weitestgehenden unberührten Stück Asien. Wandere durch den dichten Dschungel und vulkanische Landschaften, erkunde die bunte Unterwasserwelt und lerne die Gastfreundschaft der Menschen kennen - die Philippinen sind ein echter Inseltraum für Entdecker.

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Philippines Palawan Island Getaway
Eine aufregende und unvergessliche Reise von Manila nach El Nido
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Philippine Discovery

We may consider using intrepid again, but we would certainly try to use your competitors first.

Philippines Palawan Island Getaway

Amazing trip i loved it!!! First few days are quite chilled.el nido is great and loved the island can buy alot of stuff wet bag reef shoes etc.el nido is noisey it’s a party town so don’t moan it’s noisey everywhere that’s part of it.the phillipines is absoulutely beautiful.and the people are so humble and friendly.palawan is amazing and our leader donna was awesome best guide yet!

Philippines Palawan Island Getaway

The Island hopping in Palawan is exceptional and well worth the trip!

Philippine Discovery

A fantastic trio with an enthusiastic guide. If you enjoy walking and geting into the culture of a country this trip is for you. Some of the best views I’ve seen in my life!

Philippine Discovery

There is beauty in the Philippines, not only in the beaches and mountain vistas but also in the culture of the Filipino. There is no denying the problems that face the country but despite this the people are welcoming and extremely tolerant. A must visit country.

Philippine Discovery

If you enjoy active vacations, Intrepid Travel, is perfect for you. Bring your walking shoes since you will do some trekking through rice fields and the countryside. The guides are very helpful and attentive to your needs.

Philippine Discovery

I really enjoyed the trip and the group, but 3 of the group found it more strenuous than they expected. While the overall rating for the trip was medium, parts of it especially in the rice paddies and the 800 steps to the waterfall were more strenuous than the overall rating.