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Trekkingabenteuer Inka Trail

In den Fußstapfen der Inkas wandern Sie auf einer der populärsten Trekkingrouten der Welt durch Nebelwald und Schluchten zum sagenumwobenen Machu Picchu.


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Mindestalter 15 Jahre (in Begleitung eines Erwachsenen)
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  • Cuzco, das Zentrum der Inkakultur
  • Begegnungen im Heiligen Tal
  • Traumhafter Sonnenaufgang am Machu Picchu


Trinken Sie noch eine Tasse Coca Tee in einem der Cafés rund um den Hauptplatz von Cuzco, ehe Sie ins Heilige Tal und nach Ollantaytambo aufbrechen, wo unsere Trekkingtour auf dem legendären Inka Trail beginnt. Vorbei an zerfallen Ruinen wandern wir durch die Bergwelt der Anden und erreichen nach vier Tagen das Sonnentor Intipunku, dem Zugang zum sagenumwobenen Machu Picchu. Halten Sie einen Moment inne, um die Atmosphäre aufzunehmen, ehe Sie dann bei einem Rundgang die gut erhaltenen Relikte der mystischen Stadt erforschen.

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6 Frühstück, 4 Mittagessen, 3 Abendessen


privater Minibus, Zug


3 x Hotel, 3 x Camping

Eingeschlossene Aktivitäten

Coca Museum

Wichtige Informationen:

1.) Einzelzimmer sind gegen Aufpreis buchbar. 2.) Inka Trail ist im Februar geschlossen. 3.) Inka Trail Genehmigungen sind auf Anfrage, falls diese zum gegeben Zeitpunkt nicht verfügbar sind, können Sie auf dem Quarry Trail wandern. 4.) Planen Sie umgerechnet etwa EUR 80 für nicht inbegriffene Mahlzeiten ein. 5.) Reisepassdaten sind bei Buchung anzugeben. 6.) Falls sie nicht wandern wollen, geben Sie dies bitte bei der Buchung mit an.


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Brian Dunn
The Inca Trail is a wonderful experience that should be done sooner rather than later.
Monica Holmes
Did my first interpid tour and everything was great. Your well looked after and everything is well organized. Cannot fault interpid from start to finish.
John Portelli
Be sure to check and ask questions about the itinerary and where you will actually go. Also be prepared to have to tip a lot to all Intrepid staff as Intrepid does not pay them enough but rather tells them that they should ask/expect it from you.
Jordin Schmidt
Intrepid was great for two reasons, 1- alot of interaction with the local people, really got to see what life was like for them, 2- with that interaction it was nice knowing that my money was going to support the locals.
Chris Farrell
For this particular trip I would say it was very enjoyable and a fulfilling experience but I would also say that it was VERY difficult. Reading other reviews I would not have thought the trek to be so difficult both physically and mentally. Everyone on our trip was in very good condition and many of us had problems due to the altitude. It was a great personal challenge and I am glad I did it! I wish I would have prepared more beforehand, though. The 4/5 physical rating is serious! The reward throughout the journey is the amazing views and landscape you get to see which totally makes it worth it. Also, the friends you make in the group you're traveling with. It was the trip of a lifetime for sure. Note: I did the Quarry Trail, not the Incan trail.
Carol Sutton
The Inca Trail is a stunning 43km walk over 4 day. The destination (Miachu Picchu) was the dream, but in reality the journey was the highlight filled with stunning scenery and unforgettable memories.
Caryl Agdon
Intrepid’s itinerary is well organised and well planned. It has a good combination of pre-planned activities for the day and time to explore by yourself. I had a really good trip in Peru because of how beautiful and amazing the place is but also largely due to our leader who has incredible knowledge of the history of the place. Norma (team coordinator) went out of her way to make sure we had the best time in Cusco. I would highly recommend intrepid and would definitely choose them again on my next trip.
David Capstick
Our Intrepid trip was wonderful from start to finish. The 5 of us on the Quarry Trail formed a fabulous bond, and will travel together again. Wonderful sights along the way, fabulous guides. Machu Picchu itself was amazing, but VERY touristy. Highly recommend the Quarry trail and Intrepid.
Michael Becerra
A great experience! A must do for all. I recommend preparing with some incline step training before the trip.
Romina Simonutti
A must-do trip to discover the amazing sites of Peru
Yves Delnatte
This trip was fantastic, I walked the Inca Quarry trail and it was beautiful, and nice to turn up to Machu Picchu well rested and showered. All the guides were very knowledgeable and friendly. Every part of the trip was an unforgettable moment and I can't wait to go back to Peru.
Karina Rudzinska
If you are considering doing the Inca Trail, book with Intrepid without hesitation. It provides a fantastic service all around.
James Wallace
Excellently organised, explained, catered and hosted! Can't recommend enough!
Kathleen Graves
This was my 2nd trip with Intrepid and I look forward to planning my 3rd. I am a solo traveler, 54 years old, yet with Intrepid you are never alone. Our group was very cohesive and supported each other to make sure everyone was successful and made it to the end. That's what I love about travelling with Intrepid. Our guide Joseph was the most positive, and encouraging leader and could not have been better. I valued his help and support. Our co-guide Mel had to be the most compassionate person. She was such a comforting supporter. They had a great team. I went during the dry season and it was wet! I advise to bring a very good rain jacket and poncho even if you book in the dry season. The poncho's you buy on the trail and not sturdy enough for the gusting winds and rain.
Katie Rankine
This was my first Intrepid Tour and I will definitely be back. Everything was so very well organised - the whole trip just flowed so well ... little extra details & inclusions along the trail really just added to the extra enjoyment of the whole experience. Truly appreciate the friendliness and dedication of the team we had. Bucket list item ... Inca Trail - Check!! :)
Maura Lynch
This trip was nothing short of amazing. We did the Inca Quarry Trail route and were very pleased overall with the trip. Perfect for somebody who likes adventure as well as having basic facilities. Definitely recommend at least having a moderate level of fitness for the trip: this hike is not easy or for people who are out of shape. Also, take the altitude seriously! Highly recommend
Elizabeth Davies
Please read all the small print to avoid any surprises
Kerrie Vanderdonk
I can't rate these guys highly enough they have really got there shit together conducting informative tours really cool group sizes not to big not to small. At the end of it all it's what YOU put into it is what you get out it.Inca trail is amazing whether pattu mumma is looking after you or not.I think I got that right Peruvian for Mother Nature.(pattu mumma).
Rosalie Hudson
Excellent leadership by group guide. Information given in coherent, timely and friendly manner. No question was considered inappropriate and all questions answered with good humour and confidence.
Richard Perdriau
The Quarry trail trek, Machu Picchu and Amazon jungle tour was absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone.
Amanda Good
This trip was fantastic! It was a very fast-paced itinerary and I recommend getting to Cusco early to see the town and to acclimate to the altitude. The hike was very challenging but so beautiful and rewarding. Traveling with Intrepid was easy and really organized, our tour leader was incredibly friendly and helpful, and the trek was an unforgettable experience. We really enjoyed the people in our group and had a great time all around! I highly recommend this trip for those who want a challenge and an adventure with like-minded travelers.
Loren Grush
For travelers that want a fully inclusive and comprehensive cultural experience, Intrepid is the way to go. The company ensures that you have rich vacation and that every last detail is thought through.
Nesci Grabe
Intrepid is responsible tourism at its best! My husband and I chose to do an Intrepid Tour for our Honeymoon and was made to feel very special while enjoying the wonderful cultural experiences from the excellent leaders and guides!
Stephanie Vance
Wonderful trip with intrepid! very organized and tour guides are great! Overall great experience and would definitely use them again
Tania Moore-Barrett
Do you really want me to do this? I'm thinking not...
Elisabeth Vandenberg
We enjoyed our trip very much, it was challenging at times, with the altitude, you need to be reasonably fit with the amount of walking there is to do, also with some early morning starts. Our group got on great together, though coming from different parts of the world.
Christina Grush
[See other comments] Absolutely amazing trip! I felt so accomplished, and had so much fun on this trip. Although I realized that camping might not be for me haha, I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. I definitely recommend consulting multiple packing lists (see my previous comments), and packing for a very cold nighttime.
Janet Lam-Ziegler
This trip was fabulous! The scenery amazing! Be sure to get in shape before you go because there are long hikes! Wonderful trip for singles, couples or family w older kids.
Annere Creighton
This is NOT a review, but some suggestions: 1. Connecting flight to Cusco from Lima on the same day; a wasted day was spent in Lima when more time could have been spent in Cusco. 2. Itinerary did not allow much free time in Cusco before and after the Inca Trail; and 3. Intrepid T-shirt (to buy and wear) on completion of the Inca Trail in Machu Picchu?
Ilhan Dilber
Intrepid provided the perfect balance we were looking for on a trip we took to Peru: a combination of local culture, a hiking challenge, and an authentic experience with a cause: they are truly dedicated in support of the communities they serve and are not like some other touristic tour company. I recommend Intrepid for anyone looking for a unique local experience with a personal touch.