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Papua-Neuguineas komplexe Kultur und Biodiversität bietet Raum für erstaunliche Entdeckungen. Zeremonien der Naturvölker, dichter Regenwald, die bunte Tierwelt und atemberaubende Unterwasserwelten werden Sie begeistern. Das Wandern des Kokoda Tracks stellt für Viele den Höhepunkt einer Reise nach Papua-Neuguinea dar.

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The Kokoda Track
Dieser historische Trek durch die Täler, Berge, Regenwälder und Dörfer Papua Neuguineas ist eine Herausforderung für Körper, Seele und Geist.
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Papua New Guinea National Mask Festival

Overall, this trip was good – a four out of five stars. Being operated by an independent third-party tour company, the trip did not have the unique “feel” of a typical Intrepid “classic” trip though. It felt more like what I believe an Intrepid “comfort” or perhaps a Peregrine tour would be like (so I’ve heard–I’ve only taken Classic and Geckos trips in the past).

Papua New Guinea National Mask Festival

Such a wonderful trip with a very culturally immersive itinerary. The mask festival was particularly interesting and the scenery especially later in the trip was truly stunning. The home stay was my favorite experiences. We had a few couples and many solo individuals on this trip who were a good group of open minded travelers. If you come with an open mind and a sense of adventure you’ll love it.