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From city to country to coast, this is the perfect taste of Cuba. Begin on the charming streets of Havana, where old-time American automobiles, richly-scented Cuban cigars and an eclectic tapestry of architectures evoke a colourful past. Between the small-village vibes of Vinales and the outstanding charisma of Trinidad, discover Cienfuegos and its heartbreaking blend of Caribbean and Parisian flavours. With plenty of time to swim, snorkel, cycle and hike, this adventure combines Cuba’s old-world allure – including a fascinating snapshot of Che Guevara – with some of its best and most scenic destinations for outdoor activities.


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  • Be swept away by the eclectic history of Cuba’s capital as you join a knowledgeable local guide on a half-day tour of Old Havana
  • Venture to the village of Vinales, where the small-town charms are many. Spend your time sipping rum in quaint bars with locals and exploring hidden caves in the mountains
  • Stop in at the mausoleum of Che Guevara for a fascinating insight into the rise and fall of the charismatic and highly celebrated Cuban revolutionary
  • With Parisian beauty and Caribbean pace, Cienfuegos lives up to its nickname ‘Pearl of the South’. Wander the idyllic malecon (seafront) and be dazzled by the audacious architecture of the Palacio de Valle
  • See why Trinidad is a favourite for many Intrepid adventurers. Wander the cobblestone streets alongside cowboys and farmers and clock the best-preserved colonial buildings in Cuba


Day 1
Bienvenido a Cuba! Welcome to Cuba! A complimentary arrival transfer is included with your trip. Please ensure you provide your flight details to your booking agent at least 14 days prior to travel so the transfer can be organised.

There will be a welcome meeting at approximately 6pm this evening. Please expect a letter from your leader in the afternoon of Day 1 to confirm the place of your meeting (if by 5pm you cannot locate this letter then please ask your guesthouse owner if one has been delivered, or ask to call our assistance line listed in the “Problems and emergency contact information” section of this document). We’ll be collecting your insurance details and next of kin information at this meeting, so ensure you have all these details to provide to your leader. The tour briefing is generally followed by an optional group dinner.

As there’s a great deal to do in Havana, we recommend staying a few extra days to make the most of this exciting city. If you need help booking extra accommodation, our reservations team will be happy to assist. If you arrive early, please note most activities in Cuba can only be booked through the tourist desk in the lobbies of the larger hotels or direct with the venue. Otherwise, there are plenty of good museums to check out, including the Museo de la Revolucion and the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes.

Day 2
This morning your leader will take you on a 2 or so hour walking tour of the Old Havana. This tour includes a visit to the cathedral, Plaza de Armas, San Francisco de Asis, Plaza Vieja, Central Park and other sites. Next you will head west on a private bus to Vinales (approximately 3 hours). This is a small and charming rural village, and probably the easiest place in Cuba to mingle with locals, who are very sociable and love nothing better than to drink rum and dance the night away. The scenery around Vinales is some of the most picturesque in Cuba.

Day 3
You will have an included informal Spanish lesson when the group decides. Then enjoy some free time today in Vinales, which you’ll soon see is home to extraordinary scenery that’s some of Cuba’s best. Soak up the slow, old-world pace of rural Cuba, as oxen plod gracefully along the streets. There are many optional outdoor activities available. You might like to cruise around the area on a bicycle, hike through the tobacco fields or to explore one of the America’s largest cave complexes up in the mountains. Your leader will have further recommendations.

Day 4
Bay of Pigs / Playa larga
Today is a long travel day – Head back to Havana before continuing east to Playa Larga (approximately 8 hours). You will stop at the Bay of Pigs for a swim, and if there is time you can hire snorkel gear. Learn about the Bay of Pigs Invasion – the battle between the US and the Cuban revolutionaries which resulted in the first defeat of a US-backed takeover in Latin America. Continue to Playa larga where you’ll spend the night. 

Day 5
Hit the road again today, towards Cienfuegos, which some locals like to call ‘The Pearl of the South’. You’ll have time for an optional lunch or simply discover its beautiful colonial centre, with its wide Parisian-style boulevard and elegant colonnades. If there is time, pay a visit to the Palacio del Valle with the group. Once a modest home for a local trader, this palace is now Cienfuegos’ architectural pride and joy. The entire edifice drips with ornate carvings in Venetian alabaster. Then finally on to Trinidad (approximately 1 hour drive) is a standout destination for many visitors to Cuba, due in no small part to a friendly populace, old-fashioned feel and particularly well-preserved colonial buildings. The Santeria religion (a voodoo-like Afro-Cuban tradition) which is practiced here makes the town all the more intriguing. For an insight into the colourful post-revolutionary period, the Museo Nacional de la Lucha Contra los Bandidos and the Casa de los Mártires de Trinidad are great to visit. Nearby is the sprawling Valle de los Ingenios, where sugar plantations stretch out as far as the eye can see. In the evening, your leader will take you to a local bar for a rum tasting; as far as the rum world is concerned, Cuba is home to some of the best out there!

Day 6
Today is a free day in Trinidad. For some beachside fun and perhaps a little snorkelling, head down to Playa Ancon. Just be careful you don’t stand on a sea urchin. Hiking and cycling are equally good options, and there are some excellent walking trails in the nearby Sierra del Escambray mountains. At some point while you’re here, a great activity is to go to a folklore show at one of the town’s numerous open-air venues. Cuba has a rich and varied music and dance tradition that draws roots from Spain, Africa and France, and this is your chance to experience it all first-hand, from the Mambo to the rumba.

Day 7
On the way back to Havana you will pass by Santa Clara to visit the Che Guevara mausoleum and memorial. Che’s remains were brought to rest here after they were found in a remote corner of Bolivia in 1997, where he was assassinated by the CIA-backed Bolivian army. There is an impressive bronze statue of Che bearing his rifle. Inside the museum, you can learn about his amazing life and see photos and exhibits such as his famous black beret. On reaching Havana you will return to your guesthouse, then enjoy some free time. Take the opportunity to hit the town for a final night of salsa.

Day 8
Your adventure ends today. There are no activities planned for the final day and check-out time from the guesthouses is usually 10am. 

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Eingeschlossene Aktivitäten

Havana - Leader-led walking tour of Old Havana
Vinales - Orientation Walk
Vinales - Informal Spanish lesson
Bay of Pigs - Visit & swim
Cienfuegos - Orientation Walk
Trinidad - Orientation walk
Trinidad - Rum tasting
Santa Clara - Visit to Che Guevara Mausoleum and Museum
Havana - Revolution Square


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Highly recommend Cuba on a shoestring!
One big tip I would give would be to bring a little Spanish phrasebook with you. It would have been nice to be able to communicate a bit more with the Casa owners as some had very little English. Basic phrases would have been handy so I would definitely recommend a phrasebook as you aren't able to use internet in many parts of Cuba.
Excellent trip to experience Cuba in a short space of time! Read through the information provided as it contains many useful tips and tricks which will prepare you for the adventure. Embrace the experience and differences which you may be accustomed to. Take all the activity opportunities possible such as salsa dancing, caving, snorkelling and visiting the tobacco farm. It really is a wonderful experience!
Travel to Mexico/Cuba with your eyes wide open with no expectations and in return Mexico/Cuba will provide you with an experience of a life time that you will never forget!
Cuba is a country that needs to be seen to be believed. Such a rich history to learn about. This short tour was a perfect way to get a taste of Cuban life.
Learn more Spanish to really get a better local experience :-)
Our Intrepid tour was a lot of fun and excellent value.
Whilst we were on tour, Tropical Storm Alberto struck. There was massive amounts of rain and flooding in Cuba. However, this barely affected our trip as Intrepid kept us informed of the situation and were able to sort out a fix so we didn't miss out on seeing more of Cuba. They have the flexibility and connections in Cuba so that we still had a great experience (safely!)
Great trip great company great tour well organised and run
It was so lovely to not worry about transport for this part of our trip. Getting about on our own in Cuba before and after intrepid was quite expensive and hard work. Learning about the history and culture was deeply enhanced by going with intrepid.
An excellent itinerary that will take you to some amazing places in Cuba. Good flexibility with the activities. The accommodation was very nice and I would not call it basic! Overall an interesting an insightful trip around a beautiful country.
Peter And Kim
Cuba provides a very interesting history and a quite diverse way of life for travellers to experience.
On no other trip have I felt that I have been able to get to know the culture and feel the heart of a country more, than when I travelled with Intrepid. Having a leader from the country that I was touring gave a wonderful insight into its culture that I would have been unable to get on my own. Travelling with Intrepid is a great way to get the most out of a 10 day to 2 week holiday, or to begin a long stint of travelling with the safety of getting to know a wonderful group of people and easing you in to travelling life.
Highly recommend the 'Cuba on a Shoestring' trip. It was fantastic in every way - I loved the whole trip with its'variety of scenery and activities, beautiful Cuban people, great music and dancing, interesting culture and history. Our guide 'Andy' and driver 'Jorge' were simply the best!!!
Cuba on a Shoestring is an excellent trip for anyone considering a trip to discover Cuba. Small group, incredible guides and drivers and plenty of time to explore on your own. The people, the music, the dancing... i can't wait to come back. Cuba has kept a little bit of my heart!
Cuba was everything I had hoped it would be. Our wonderful guide, Andy, has a vast knowledge of all things relating to Cuba and it's history and is a great narrator. Staying in the private family Casa's was a highlight as was Havana and all the other historic sites we visited. I highly recommend this tour.
As above re currency
Cuba is amazing. Its hard to explain, its a place you really need to see for yourself. You really need to take snacks and anything else you may need. You cant buy many things we take for granted in our countries.
Mexico Unplugged allowed me to experience the colour, vibrancy, history and adventure Mexico has to offer. I was given the opportunity to hike in jungles, swim in gorgeous sinkholes and waterfalls, explore ancient archaelogical ruins and eat some of the tastiest food ever. Thank you Mexico!
Our first Intrepid trip was fantastic! Full of exciting activities and sightseeing with excellent, knowledgeable guides.
Cuba has many hidden gems. A great guide is essential to understand and appreciate the history and culture.
Cuba is an amazing country. Even though our trip there was short for what this place offers, however we really appreciated it. The group was amazing and Maurice, our leader, was excellent. The accommodation was very good and we were taken good care of. We saw many places for such a short time and if I could keep one or two highlights those would be the colors of Trinidad and the street life of Havana.
Our visit in Cuba was a dream come true. We knew the rebellious past and the turbulent history and we were not disappointed. Cuba is beautiful and the people amazing. We always felt safe and well taken care of and our leader Maurice made everything run smoothly. I can't tell apart which I liked best, but if I had to choose I would go with the colors of Trinidad and simply walking in the streets of Havana. My only piece of advice would be to learn a bit of Spanish, the locals really appreciate it. Thanks for the amazing time there Intrepid.
Always check and double check any cards you take with you to insure they are active and work in the country you are travelling in. I had a new credit card and found I could not access any monies as it had not been activated before I left... really dumb. I had no way to contact my bank as my phone was not working either! Luckily Cuba is cheap to travel in so the limited phones I could access were sufficient until I arrived in USA!
A fantastic short tour of Cuba. The accommodation was great, with welcoming hosts and we visited some amazing places. Maurice, our guide, was friendly and helpful and we loved our driver (Santiago). 5 stars!
Environmentally aware, culturally sensitive and insider knowledge - if these things matter to you Intrepid almost has a trip for you! Pick your destination and the level of comfort you require and Intrepid will be a great choice for a holiday never to forget where you will likely meet friends for life.
Excellent trip, if you can do the full 15 day I couldn't recommend it more. Be careful when going on the other trips after, out flight got cancelled on the way out, lots of people missed joining tours. We had to pay for new flights to make sure we could join on to our next tour.
The local guide that we had in Cuba was amazing, but Intrepid as a company is just plain money hungry and does not care about their travellers at all. They care more about making a profit than peoples safety. I highly recommend NOT travelling with them.
Intrepid offer fantastic off the road tours which give you a better understanding of local cultures.
The trip was amazing and our group leader was the best. I really got to understand the Cuban culture and to get a good feel of the country. I would highly recommend this trip!