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Abenteuer in den kanadischen Rockies

Rocky Mountains und ein Hauch Wilder Westen - die National Parks in British Columbia und Alberta gehören zu den Top Zielen Nordamerikas.


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15 Jahre (in Begleitung eines Erwachsenen)
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  • Ursprüngliche Natur in den kanadischen Rockies
  • Banff und Jasper, die berühmten Nationalparks Albertas
  • Icefields Parkway, eine der schönsten Panoramastraßen der Welt


Aufgrund ihrer unvergleichlichen Lage zwischen Pazifik und Bergen gilt Vancouver als eine der schönsten Städte der Welt. Unternehmen Sie eine Erkundungstour.

Das durch Olympia 2010 bekannte Ski Resort in British Columbia bietet auch im Sommer zahlreiche Outdoor Möglichkeiten.

5000km² Wildnis erstrecken sich innerhalb der Parkgrenzen, Nutzen Sie die Zeit zum Wandern, Kanufahren oder Reiten in der idyllischen Umgebung British Columbias und freuen Sie sich auf Lagerfeuerromantik im Camp auf einer Cowboy Ranch.

Sie können auf unzähligen Trails durch imposante Bergwelt wandern, biken und vielleicht auch Kanadas „Big Five“ entdecken: Wapiti-Hirsche, Elche, Rehe, Wölfe und Bären.

Entlang des Icefields Parkway führt die Tour durch alpine Landschaft. Unser Tipp: Unternehmen Sie eine Kanufahrt auf dem Bow River, eine Tour zu den Schneefeldern des Athabasca Gletschers oder eine Wanderung zum rustikalen Teehaus oberhalb des Lake Louise, der wie ein Juwel am Fuße der „Plain of the Six Glaciers“ liegt.

In einem der weniger bekannten Parks finden Sie rund um den eisblauen Kicking Horse River ein ursrpüngliches Naturparadies.

Der Mt. Revelstoke Nationalpark ist einer der wenigen temperierten Regenwälder im Binnenland in gemäßigten Breiten.

Zurück am Pazifik endet die Reise. Es lohnt sich, noch länger zu bleiben und die Gesichter der weltoffenen Stadt kennenzulernen, die immer ganz oben auf der Liste der Metropolen mit der höchsten Lebensqualität steht.

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13 x Camp, 1 x Hotel

Eingeschlossene Aktivitäten

Banff Nationalpark, Glacier Nationalpark, Jasper Nationalpark, Mt. Revelstoke Nationalpark, Kanufahrt mit Übernachtung, Wells Gray Provincial Park, Yoho Nationalpark

Wichtige Informationen:

Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Tour nachmittags am Tag 15 bei Ankunft in Vancouver endet.


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Richard Lambert
The Rockies are an amazing area with so many good views and places to explore.
Rachel Regan
This trip was everything I hoped for and more. Amazing guide, beautiful sites and a great crew to travel with. I couldn't have asked for a better way to see Canada! I will definitely do another tour with Intrepid in the future.
Steve Downing
Bring very strong insect repellent -- 50%- 100% deet which is no longer available in canada. Plus if you are sensitive, bite relief cream.
Cassie Stewart
This is the perfect trip if you want to see more than main cities of Canada. I absolutely loved it and would recommend it for anyone who loves hiking and adventure.
Ian Sterling
Canadian Rockies tour, you need to bring a sleeping bag. Also plan to bring hiking gear, swimming/white water rafting gear and bring camping gear. Gear like headlights, towel, wipe, waterproof sandals, slippers, waterproof camera and a good sneakers. We went bicycle riding in some areas on tour. There are many cool activities like Peak to Peak in Whistlers where you can take a Gondola up the Whistlers mountain and then across to the Blackcomb mountain. The Alpine trails is really fun to do on the Blackcomb mountain. On the Whistler mountain the tour to the summit and pass the glaciers and to some awesome sightseeing points is really cool to do. In the end I did come down the Blackcomb mountain and did another tour to see wild life and I saw 9 Black bears and some other animals. It gets chilly in the mountain so bring some warm clothes but in the day in some places it get warm so bring your summer clothes. This was a trip in August.
Tegan Smith
This tour offers fantastic hikes to see the incredible lakes and mountains of the Rockies. The canoe trip was an absolute highlight.
Fabian Lichtin
It was really cool... I met great people, saw amazing spots and had a really good time!
Nagi Guirguis
The canadian Rockies are full of surprises, simply nature at its best but you need to be physically fit to enjoy all the hiking on offer to reach and come close to these places
Lara Wilson
This trip was amazing! Alongside spectacular scenery, there were many fun activities such as hiking, overnight canoe trip, Whitewater rafting, and swimming. Camping brought the group closer together and I would definitely camp on another trip. Our leader Dustin was absolutely fantastic and he made this trip extremely enjoyable.
Melanie Hall
This trip will change your life! The scenery is stunning, the trip pace was perfect and our tour leader Dustin was beyond brilliant! This trip has made me want to do more camping trips to really experience the country and have a break from WiFi and enjoy each other’s company! 10/10! Don’t miss out, best trip
Fiona Mcilmail
This was such an amazing adventure - the mountains, lakes and canyons were spectacular and being among them for 2 weeks was fantastic. This has been one of my favourite trips and would love to return. We packed a lot in and were on the go much of the time which was good as there is so much to see. Hiking and the overnight canoe trip were great. Our guide was brilliant and the group got on really well. Camping was fine, was very cold the last couple of nights! Pack for all weathers and it will be great!
Elspeth Lewis Taylor
A fantastic exploration - hiking up mountains, camping in the wilderness and seeing a fraction of what Western Canada has to offer. It's pretty full on, with little rest but the tour fits in as much as possible in order for you to see some of Canada's highlights.
Shaun Kane
The Rockies tour is a great way to experience the Rocky Mountains up close and personal whilst meeting some amazing new people and experiencing nature at its best.
Katrina Krueger
Travelling with Intrepid is an experience like no other. Like minded people are able to get off the beaten track to experience the most spectacular areas of the local country. Intrepid caters well for solo travelers, where you will meet other interesting and amazing people from around the world. Just do it, you won't regret it!
Luke Tricker
This is an amazing trip. You get to see the best of the Canadian Rockies in a relatively short space of time! You spend a lot of time with the group so i think everyone bonds pretty quickly, you are all there for the same reason! The scenery is the most beautiful I have seen anywhere in the world, so if you're looking to book this, then just do it.
Janine Horath
The intrepid canadian tour is strong like a bear (german saying, means very good!)
Marco Bagarella
I enjoyed travelling with Intrepid, they are a well organized tour operator and very keen on safety and environmental responsibility
Jenny Elliott
Pascal Brunner
Best way to see a lot of the rockys in 2 weeks! Stunning scenerys, impressiv views, and fun, if you like camping ;)
Theresa Mackie
Thoroughly enjoyed this trip and would highly recommend to anyone wanting to experience the Canadian Rockies. Loved being in a small group and travelling in a mini bus. The canoeing overnight trip and optional white water rafting were fantastic. I loved the hikes and getting up for an early start to see sunrise at Moraine Lake. Unbeatable experiences. I hope you are lucky enough to have Charles as your leader to take you so many special sights. You do need a level of fitness to really get the most out of this trip. I also recommend a good sleeping bag and down jacket for evenings as temperatures at night went very low even in third and fourth week of August. The only thing that could have been improved would have been for Intrepid to provide a gas burning camp fire for the evenings as there was a total fire ban so we couldn't have the usual camp fires for the whole of the trip.
Katherine Macmillan
The scenery on the Canadian Rockies tour was spectacular and this trip was the perfect way to see the best of the region. Even though it was a group tour, there was plenty of opportunity to adjust the trip to suit your interests. The only problem was that two weeks was not long enough.
Anokhi Khamar
I was on the Canadian Rockies trip for 15 days in the basix category. Would highly recommend for any adventurers/outdoor fanatics as this trip is the best all encompassing way to experience the west coast. The trip is a good combo of camping with basic facilities and having comfort while still embarking into Canada's parks which have several activities to offer. Key highlights of the trip have to be mountain biking in Jasper, Remote campsite to which you canoe in wells gray pp and river rafting in Golden, BC. Bonus if you get Gordon as your guide, he did a great job of making our trip a pleasant experience!
Tara Taylor
Amazing trip- safe, well organised, fun. No camping or canoeing experience required. Trip of a lifetime really!
Katharina Heyn
Amazing trip with great sights. Depending on the season however make sure to bring the right clothes and equipment such as warm sleeping bag, head torches and a thread to hang up clothes.
Celeste Deliyiannis
This tour was exactly what I was after - a genuine experience in the heart of the Rockies. Having a leader that truly knows his stuff made a huge difference, and so did being in a small group where we all had the time to interact and become close friends.
Erin Davis
Easily the best group trip I have been on. I can't recommend it highly enough; camping was fun, the small group size worked well and the activities/scenery were amazing. A very good trip for singles.
Tami John
Great trip with amazing national parks, sites and activities. A true camping experience- plan to cook, clean, pitch tents. A good amount of driving- true road trip style but good amount of time in each major place to have a day of activity between the drives. Wells Gray PP is a gem i hadn’t realized until seeing it.
Antonino Arrigo
be prepared to enjoy and to keep an open mind for the journey.
Glenn Smith
The tour is an excellent opportunity to see some of the best that nature has to offer – from rugged mountains, to azure waterways to fascinating wildlife (don't forget to lock up your toiletries!) Do every activity and participate in everything and you'll enjoy it even more.
Daisy Tipping
Our trip was absolutely fantastic! The weather throughout June was pretty great and our leader was fantastic. The trip has a huge amount of diversity in terms of the places you visit and I would 100% recommend it to anyone. The campsites and national parks are all stunning. Do it!!