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Kambodscha: Angkor Wat und das Reich der Khmer

Im alten Reich der Khmer entdeckst Du neben dem Weltkulturerbe Angkor Wat ein wildes und wunderschönes Land.


Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh
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Kambodscha Rundreisen
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15 Jahre
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  • Angkor Wat – eine der größten Tempelanlagen der Welt
  • In den Alltag der Einheimischen eintauchen


Das Königreich Kambodscha und seine Hauptstadt heißen Dich
willkommen. Wir besichtigen das Tuol Sleng Genozid Museum und die Gedenkstätte Killing Fields, wo sich Kambodschas grausame Vergangenheit offenbart.

Die Stadt versprüht koloniales Flair. Besonders sehenswert ist der Wat Nokor Komplex mit seinen Tempelruinen aus dem 11. Jahrhundert.

Während einer Übernachtung bei einer einheimischen Familie
erhältst Du Einblick in die ländliche Lebensweise. Koste die traditionelle Küche und erkunde die Ruinen von Sambor Prei Kuk.

Um den spektakulären Sonnenaufgang über Angkor Wat zu sehen, musst Du zeitig aufstehen, doch der Anblick der mystischen Tempel im Morgenlicht ist das allemal wert. Später kannst Du die Tempelanlage besichtigen und Dir ein Bild von dieser archäologischen Stätte im sagenumwobenen Reich der Khmer machen.

Die Architektur der Gebäude entlang der Ufer zeugen von der französischen Vergangenheit. Mit dem Fahrrad erkunden wir die malerische Landschaft und kommen mit den Einheimischen ins Gespräch.

Mit dem Boot erkunden wir die schwimmenden Dörfer vom Tonle Sap.

Ausflüge führen durch Salzwüsten, Reisfelder, Pfefferplantagen und zu den Phnom Chhnork Höhlen.

Zurück an den Ufern des Tonle Sap, einem Nebenfluss des Mekong, gehst Du auf dem Russischen Markt auf Schnäppchenjagd.

Was ist inklusive?


11 Frühstück, 1 Mittagessen, 1 Abendessen


Privater Minibus, Boot, Bus, Fahrrad


Hotel (11 Nächte), Gastfamilie (1 Nacht), Schlafsaal (1 Nacht)

Eingeschlossene Aktivitäten

Phnom Penh - Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (S21)
Phnom Penh - The Killing Fields of Choeung Ek
Homestay - Village Tour with local guide
Sambor Prei Kuk - Traditional Khmer Dinner
Siem Reap - Three day Angkor Pass
Siem Reap - Angkor Temples Guided Tour
Battambang - Rural Food and Cycle Tour
Kampong Chhnang - Pottery Demonstration
Kampot - Heritage walking tour
Kampot - Countryside tour

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This trip includes so many activities and sights that you'll take part of and visit. I really enjoyed it.
Being on this tour gave me access to activities I would not have thought of seeing otherwise. The insights and local knowledge made me appreciate the people and culture so much more that if I had traveled solo. Take advantage of your tour leader and ask questions there is a wealth of local knowledge there that will make you appreciate Cambodia so much more!
Best of Cambodia opened our eyes to both the tragedy that Cambodia has experienced in the 1970's and the resilience and recovery skills of the beautiful Cambodian people. It was a mind blowing culture shock as I had never been to Asia... but I loved every minute of it
Fantastic tour! Tour leader, Channa, was amazing. The tour was comprehensive and I was very happy with all the destinations it covered. Will travel again with Intrepid! 10/10!
bring your own toilet paper! Takes a while to get used to the humidity, poverty and culture. All part of the experience of asia- busy- beautiful-crazy- friendly
Make sure you have American Dollars... appropriate and respectful clothing... register with smart Traveller . and adequate medical cover... respect that you are a visitor to their country at all time ... lastly LISTEN to your guide
This trip provides an excellent balance between organised activities and free time. You manage to see the major tourist sites but also visit some less popular spots where you see a real contrast between how people live and just how hard people need to work to eke out a living. Dino the guide is a champion!
It was the best tour, with a really knowledgeable and warm tour guide – a good exposure to the country, its people, culture, religion and history. What I didn’t expect was how much more I would be taken by the spirit and generosity of the people than the monuments themselves.
Amazing trip. The best of Cambodia lived up to its name. I had been looking forward to visiting Angkor Wat for many years and it did not disappoint. However this trip also taught me there is so much more to see and do. Other particular highlights of the trip included cycling in Battembang, the Sambor Prei Kuk temples and the island boat trip. Eating a tarantula was pretty memorable too.
A great way to experience “The Best of Cambodia” The trip title says it all. From temples to tuc-tucs! An opportunity to get insight into the culture, history and geography of Cambodia, this trip has a great variety of experience on offer.
Read notes, prepare for time of year you are travelling, be aware of medical issues that may arise. And go to Cambodia - its a fantastic country.
You won't go wrong with this tour if you would like to visit Cambodia.
This trip, which I have been planning since watching the horrific events in the 70s on Blue Peter ( a UK kids programme) exceeded my expectations in every way. Firstly we had the best guide on the planet - Keasar Hong, ably aided by locality guides - a special mention goes out to Jonny the Rat at Ankor, and drivers. We also had the beautiful country with its friendly people and amazing monuments. Please go and support this country in particular need of the tourist dollar.
This tours takes you all over Cambodia! Be ready for long trips by boat, bus, van. The photo opportunities you will experience are incredibly beautiful. The bike tour is something you cannot miss! I am almost 50, and learned to ride a bike just to be able to enjoy this tour. Mr. Sakmony was a terrific tour guide and the best photographer! Ankor Wat is a good as advertised. The floating villages are surreal. The bamboo rice on the road is delicious. I can go on and on. I highly recommend this trip.
A very rewarding experience culturally and personally. This trip has helped and provided me time to reflect on life. It helped me put things into perspective and how 1 trip such as this can actually leave a lasting memory that I will treasure forever.
Just embrace it. I usually travel 4 star but this wasn't 4star but just loved it.
excellent organisation and excellent value for money
The people are beautiful, the history and culture is rich, the country is scarred by ubiquitous rubbish
Great tour which exposes you to a large part of Cambodia. The home stay was incredible - the perfect way to get to know Cambodian home life.
Highly recommend travelling with Intrepid tours. Our guide Bun was awesome and really helped to make our trip a memorable one.
Have an open mind with this attitude you will embrace and enjoy the beautiful country that is Cambodia
"Same,same but different" from the beauty of the temples to the horrors of the genocide, Cambodia is a country of contrasts. The country is in the process of recovery but still has huge hurdles. You see the best of Cambodia and have a friendly welcome wherever you go.
Keep an open mind, you are travelling in order to experience another culture so do not compare to your own country. Embrace it, it's a wonderful way to see the world.
We had an amazing trip to Cambodia, it was our first tour group, our guide was amazing, our tour buddies will become lifelong friends.
An absolutely fantastic trip. Such a beautiful country with amazingly generous people. The horrific events of the Khmer Rouge is still evident but not brushed & hidden away. It is shown for current and future generations to learn from. My first trip with Intrepid & I am already planning my next.
be prepared to pay out for many meals
Intrepid was a very professional tour and our guide Sam went above and beyond each and every day. Everything was handled very professionally and they couldn't have been more helpful. It was a massive worlwind holiday but the temples and countryside we saw was spectacular.
Cambodia is a wonderful place with wonderful people but is a challenging place to travel due to recent political history and underdeveloped infrastructure. Best suited to those who have already travelled and have had some exposure to developing nations as otherwise might be quite a shock in parts.
Ask for Sam as your tour guide and you are guaranteed an amazing trip!
A fantastic trip with a great guide. Definitely worth it.