Der Winterhimmel gespickt mit tanzenden Lichtern, eine Hauptstadt mit nordischer Kultur und viel Chic im skandinavischen Stil – das ist Finnland, ein Land, welches weit mehr als Schnee und Saunen zu bieten hat.

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Baltic Experience
Entdecke die baltischen Staaten Finnland, Estland, Lettland und Litauen mit ihren mittelalterlichen Städten, barocken Prunkbauten und nahezu unberührter Natur.
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Scandinavia Explorer
Wendy Hoddinet

Scandinavia is a long way to travel to from Australia but it is worth every hour on the plane. You’ll see some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever witness in your life and meet some of friendliest people in the world.

Scandinavia Explorer
Kay Boshier

A busy but enjoyable trip. It gives you a good introduction to some Scandinavian countries. Read the trip notes and be aware that there are some long days of travelling. Travel light and bring good walking shoes – there are many cobblestones.

Scandinavia Explorer
Nicole Deans

A fantastic trip with a fantastic leader. Saw and did heaps and had unique experiences that we would not have found on our own.

Scandinavia Explorer
Russell Deans

This was an amazing excellent trip with a great leader who guided us on amazing journeys by train, bus, foot, bike & ferry across spectacular Scandinavian scenery.

Scandinavia Explorer
Mike And Di O'Hanlon

The trips offered by Intrepid fit the type of economical travel that my wife and I enjoy. Small groups, use of local hotels, focus on experiences within the culture and history of the places visited and make significant use of public transport where appropriate.

Scandinavia Explorer
Melinda Borchardt

Scandinavian Explorer offers an introduction to the area, not just the big cities on every tourist agenda but also rural: a cottage by a fjord, an Olympic city dedicated to healthy outdoor living, a rural Swedish lake town. Hotels are all centrally located, and while there are organized restaurant meals and other activities, you really are free to do and see what you want in each location. Groups are small enough to get to know each other well.

Scandinavia Explorer
Rav Daby

Pick another company. Too much misleading information on the itinerary

Scandinavia Explorer
Caroline Watson

Scandinavia explore shows you the amazing sights and beauty of nature, the history and culture of the cities with a knowledgeable local guide and a chance to make new friends while having these amazing experiences. Bring a camera!

Scandinavia Explorer
Sandra Mcauliffe

The Scandinavia Explorer gives you a fabulous snapshot of Scandinavia’s history, cities, stunning fjords, lakes and countryside. If you love an active holiday choose this one.

Scandinavia Explorer
Eva Korecki

Great trip of you are young, fit and healthy

Scandinavia Explorer
Sue Chamberlain

The trip was a fantastic way to see the highlights of Scandinavia, in a fun, cost-effective way

Scandinavia Explorer
Karen Yip

Definitely take a light weight rain coat to Norway as it rains a lot! Don’t let the rain stop you from doing things. Plan for a couple of extra days in Helsinki to see the sights.

Scandinavia Explorer
Aidan Dwyer

Really cool trip, and the journeys (trains/boats) are as impressive as the destinations. The Bobsled run (optional – just outside of Lillehammer) was an unforgettable experience, but not for the faint of heart! Eat big breakfasts (included, and very good) as Norway can be a bit on the expensive side.

Scandinavia Explorer
Ursula Fisk

This trip provides a good overview of Norway and Sweden. These are two expensive countries but you won’t be disappointed in the variety of activities and destinations offered. It will leave you wanting to come back to explore further.

Scandinavia Explorer
Juliette Sanchez

Fun trip and easy to get around during the free time due to walkable sites and good local transportation services and everyone speaks English. Be prepared for lots of tourists during the summer months. The guides are very helpful and fun to be with.

Scandinavia Explorer
Larraine Rushbrook

If I were to do this trip again, I would start in Copenhagen and finish in Warsaw. Warsaw was much larger than I expected and I would have preferred to have stayed longer there or finished the trip there.

Scandinavia Explorer
Sarah Stewart

I have no hesitation in recommending Intrepid for a high-quality memorable small group travel experience.

Scandinavia Explorer
Allen Smyth

Good trip. Spectacular scenery. Expensive.

Scandinavia Explorer
Alistair Cowie

This trip was a wonderful way to see a Scandinavia, its environment and its culture, with almost a personal tour guide with lots of individual exploration time.

Scandinavia Explorer
Benjamin O'Brien

I have done 1; Kath has done 6. This trip had amazing scenery (the Flam railway is a must); some interesting cities; easy countries to negotiate – most people spoke English; and amazing buffet breakfasts included at every hotel!

Scandinavia Explorer
Linda Oliver

Travel with a small group, using local transport.Travellers are free to join in with organised events or not and there is always free time to explore.An excellent company that is ecologically aware

Scandinavia Explorer
Joan Jackson

Scandinavia is one place where the adage ‘take half the amount of luggage and twice the amount if money ‘ really does apply, but it’s worth every penny.

Scandinavia Explorer
Kathryn Macleod

Looking for a less scheduled tour? This is the company for you. You will have plenty of guidance and yet the time to explore your personal interests.

Scandinavia Explorer
Anne Flanagan

This was our 11 th intrepid trip. We are legends and we’re thankful for the financial reward. We have never had a negative intrepid trip. This one was just as good . In large part due to an exceptional tour leader. We have had many great tour leaders and sigrid was one of the best. I would highly recommend intrepid to any class of traveller.

Scandinavia Explorer
Andrew Binns

we found the Oslo to Helsinki trip was ideal in length