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Travel to Egypt and follow the path of the River Nile as you revel in a taste of Egypt's history, beauty and colour on this short but action-packed trip along the longest river in the world. Cruise the Nile on a felucca, discover the largest and most impressive pharaonic temples, chat and dine with interesting locals and live it up in this country of deserts, bazaars, monuments and good old-fashioned adventures. Before booking on this trip we recommend that you read the ‘Safety’ section in the trip notes regarding special safety considerations for Egypt trips.


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  • Visit some of the world's premier historic sites – the Pyramids, Sphinx and the Valley of the Kings – with expert local guides.
  • There are so many chances to interact with the locals and experience their culture. Lose yourself in Cairo's colourful Khan al-Khalili bazaar and dine with village folk of Aswan and Luxor.
  • Your felucca sailing trip not only lets you experience some excellent Nubian hospitality, but is perhaps the perfect way to see the Nile and its gorgeous surrounds
  • By visiting ACE (Animal Care in Egypt), you'll be supporting an excellent cause dedicated to the welfare of camels, donkeys and other working animals


Day 1
Your adventure begins with a welcome meeting at 4pm on Day 1. Please look for a note in the hotel lobby or ask the hotel reception where it will take place. If you can’t arrange a flight that will arrive in time, you may wish to arrive a day early so you’re able to attend. We’ll be happy to book additional accommodation for you (subject to availability). If you’re going to be late, please inform the hotel reception. We’ll be collecting your insurance details and next of kin information at this meeting, so please ensure you have all these details to provide to your leader.

If you arrive early in Cairo, perhaps travel along the river by felucca (a traditional wooden boat with broad canvas sails) or head out to explore the markets. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle, the Christian Coptic sector is well worth a visit.

Day 2
This morning a private van will transport you to Giza, the home of some of the world’s most iconic sights. Approach the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx by camel, with panoramic views across the dunes. Instantly familiar yet retaining a mystique and power, getting up close to these incredible pharaonic tombs is amazing. Explore these structures that have stood tall for 4,500 years, and for an additional charge you may be able to go inside the Great Pyramid of Khufu, (although occasionally it may be closed to visitors). The inside thoroughfares of the Pyramids are very small and very warm, so for those suffering from claustrophobia it is not recommended. Please note that you’ll be required to walk around the Pyramids complex. It can be very hot in the summer months, so be prepared for little shade and pack appropriate clothing, sun protection, and carry lots of water.

Afterwards, make your way to the Egyptian Museum, home to one of the world’s great collections of antiquities. Wander the treasure-filled halls of the museum, and make sure to check out the Mummies Hall (optional) for a close encounter with some of the country’s most important queens and pharaohs. Later in the evening, meet your leader and travel to Giza station, where you will board a sleeper train to Aswan (approximately 13 hours). Bedding and air-conditioning are provided.

Notes: Western-style toilets are located in each carriage, but we recommend bringing additional toilet paper. Keep in mind general train cleanliness may not be to the same standards you are accustomed to. An included dinner and breakfast are served on board. You may want to purchase something extra beforehand to supplement your meal, particularly if you’re a vegetarian as only a single type of meal is served for dinner, which always includes meat. In rare circumstances you may be paired in your cabin with a group member of the opposite sex, depending on the group configuration. On other occasions, you might be sharing with another traveller of the same sex who may not be part of our group, again determined by the group configuration.

Day 3
The Nile, Elephantine Island and white-sailed feluccas: welcome to Aswan, Egypt’s southernmost city. Its easy-going charm is due in no small part to its large Nubian population.

Today is a free day so take the opportunity to see such Aswan sites as the unfinished obelisk or the High Dam. The Nubian Bazaar is a must, while the excellent Nubian Museum is top of many visitors’ lists. Highly recommended is the beautiful Temple of Isis (the Goddess of health, marriage and wisdom) that was rescued from the rising waters of the Nile and relocated on Philae Island. It’s a marvel of decorative pylons featuring some of Egypt’s finest carvings – definitely one of the real gems of Upper Egypt. The evening sound and light show at Philae Temple is a beautiful experience – well worth the 100 Egyptian pounds. The waterfront promenade, or Aswan’s ‘corniche’, runs alongside one of Nile’s most appealing stretches and is the perfect place to stop for a mint tea.

This evening you’ll experience modern Nubian culture first-hand with a visit to a nearby village. You’ll join a local Nubian family for dinner and get an unforgettable insight into the daily life of the local people. This is a rare and memorable experience, giving you the chance to become fully immersed in the local culture.

Day 4
Today perhaps head out of Aswan and visit stunning Abu Simbel this morning. With the four gargantuan statues of Ramses guarding the Great Temple, carved directly out of the mountain on the west bank of the Nile, this is one of Egypt’s most memorable sights. Please note this optional activity has a very early start (but it’s totally worth it). You can get there by a 40-minute flight, or by the cheaper option of renting a minivan with a group and leaving very early (flights do not operate daily). The journey by land is 3 hours each way, with an early departure from Aswan between 5am and 6am.

Otherwise, you could take a sailboat ride around the islands in a traditional felucca, stopping off at the botanical gardens on Kitchener’s Island. Alternatively, take a camel ride to the Monastery of St Simeon, an abandoned 7th-century fortress monastery located in the desert on the Nile’s west bank. Your tour leader will be on hand to help you arrange any excursions. Alternatively, you may prefer to simply relax and take in the beauty of the Nile, or do some shopping in the friendly bazaar.

Notes: Flights can be booked online through EgyptAir: https://www.egyptair.com/English Return flights vary throughout the season, depending on the day of the week you fly and how far in advance you book, but expect to pay between US$250-300. Due to the southerly location, it’s recommended to book the early flight and visit Abu Simbel at sunrise to avoid the heat.

Day 5
Nile Felucca
Board a felucca and spend a day out on the river, watching rural Egyptian daily life play out on the banks, then spend a night under the stars. Your Nubian sailing crew provides all the meals, which are hearty and delicious. Being a traditional wooden boat with broad canvas sails, your felucca offers some shade and protection from the elements. However, there is no cabin or enclosed section. Nonetheless, watching the sun setting across the Nile in the evening is a sight you won’t forget. This is the absolute highlight of the trip for many.

Notes: Conditions will be basic during your felucca trip. If you are prepared for this, you’re sure to have a memorable adventure. You’ll sleep outside on the deck of the felucca on a mattress. While blankets are provided, a sleeping sheet or sleeping bag is recommended. During the colder months (October to March) temperatures can get as low as 5°C at night. Slight alterations may have to be made to the Nile itinerary throughout the year, depending on winds and currents. As the felucca is a sailing craft without any outboard engine, if there’s no wind we won’t travel very far. Our Felucca does have a shared bathroom facilitiy onboard.

Day 6
After farewelling your felucca crew, take a private van to the open air museum of Luxor (approximately 3.5 hours).

From the spectacular temple complex of Karnak to the Valley of the Kings, Luxor is full of wonderfully preserved reminders of the Pharaohs.

On the way, there’s the option to visit either the unique mirror-image design of the Temple of Kom Ombo, or the beautifully preserved Temple of Edfu, also dedicated to Horus, the falcon-headed god.

Today you’ll visit the Intrepid Foundation’s local project ACE (Animal Care in Egypt). It’s a great chance to see the holistic approach the project takes towards animal welfare, and to raising awareness among the locals.

You’ll also explore the magnificent Karnak Temple, which is perhaps the most impressive of all the ancient Pharoahs’ monumental works. One of the world’s most celebrated temple complexes, Karnak is a house of the gods built over a period of some 200 years. Your guided tour of this vast temple of impressive pylons, obelisks and chapels will reveal its finest sections, such as the Avenue of Sphinxes and the Great Temple of Amun.

The rest of the day will be free to relax, shop in the bazaar (open until quite late) or perhaps experience the atmosphere of a local teahouse.

Day 7
Today you’ll hop in a private minivan and discover some the many wonders of ancient Thebes. Your first stop is the Colossi of Memnon, two 17 metre-high statues on Luxor’s west bank. Carved from granite blocks, they represent the Pharaoh Amenhotep III and were once part of an impressive colonnade. 

Continue on to the spectacular royal burial site of the Valley of the Kings. Buried under the arid hills here are over 60 richly decorated tombs of pharaohs. With your leader, explore this sprawling and spectacular place, where the pharaohs of the New Kingdom (16th to 11th century BC) were secretly interred for all eternity, and where discoveries are still being made. Your group leader will explain the history and legends of these remarkable people, their funerary rites, and the significance of the many paintings and hieroglyphics.

Join a local family for lunch to try some tasty traditional home cooking.

The rest of your afternoon is free to explore. The Luxor Museum is a great place to visit in your free time. Alternatively, hire a bicycle and venture into the countryside. For a more upscale experience, check out the Winter Palace, a lovely five-star historical building with wonderful views over the Nile – a great place for a refreshing cocktail.

Catch an overnight sleeper train from Luxor to Cairo (approximately 10 hours).

Day 8
Arrive in Cairo.

For your comfort and convenience, day rooms are provided on this day until 12noon, for luggage storage and an opportunity to have a shower and freshen up. Once settled, consider joining the rest of the group for a farewell breakfast. Otherwise, there are no activities planned on this day.

You’re free to depart at any time after the early-morning arrival, but please do not arrange departing flights before 3pm in case of any travel delays or bad traffic.

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7 Frühstück, 2 Mittagessen, 4 Abendessen


Private vehicle , Felucca , Overnight sleeper train


Hotel (4 nights), Felucca (1 night), Overnight sleeper train (2 nights)

Eingeschlossene Aktivitäten

Cairo - Khan al-Khalili bazaar visit
Cairo - Pyramids and Sphinx
Cairo - Camel ride at the Pyramids
Cairo - The Egyptian Museum
Cairo - The Egyptian Museum headset
Aswan - Nubian Village Visit and Dinner
Luxor - Karnak Temple
Luxor - Intrepid Foundation Project visit - ACE (Animal Care in Egypt)
Luxor - Colossi of Memnon
Luxor - Valley of the Kings (3 tombs)


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Juliana Amiri
Egypt! absolutely mysterious. Everything from the pyramids to the Nubian dinner and the felucca ride stood out to me. Karnak Temple took my breath away. This tour was organized in great details and nothing was left out. Many thanks to our guide, Maged Bothos, for his enthusiasm and attention to details which made our trip enjoyable and memorable. Sunscreen, hat, and water flask (to keep the water cold) is a must. If you have low tolerance for heat skip the hot months, it's not a joke to walk around the heated temples on 46/115 degree. Try not to be picky, practice your negotiation skills with the determined merchants (I failed miserably at this) and do some research about the sites, cities and culture prior to getting on the plane.
Angela Vera
Beautiful experience in a beautiful country with a rich culture. Egypt is a must! Hassaan, our tour guide went above and beyond to make our time in Egypt one of the most memorable experiences. Grateful for the memories. Thank you Intrepid! #Friendships
Chris Mellor
Egypt is third world and cheap. Be prepared for it. Jordan is nearly first world and expensive . For me Abul Simbel, felucca trip, Wadi Rum and Petra were the highlights
Kan Ng
Take more money with you.
Gloria Vera
Intrepid+our awesome guide (Hassan)+beautiful country and culture+light packing = Best Lifetime Travel Experience Egypt needs to be your next destination! Book now with Intrepid!
Marcus Pilgrim
Once in a lifetime tour. You’ll be shown where to look but not what to see. You’ll realise the best ships are friendships. Best!
Wendy Elizabeth O'Callahan
had an amazing trip loved everything we did on tour the people were great would travel again thanks Intrepid
Jessica Coles-Black
Amazing experience. Very insightful trip, viewing and climbing inside pyramids, valley of the kings etc. Ahmed the tour leader was insightful, friendly and passionate
Nedzad Brkic
Going to Egypt is a special experience, but some female travelers may be intimidated by visits to bazars. Try to accept that you are facing different culture and avoid any too crowded places as you may feel uncomfortable with unwanted attention. My daughter did.
Debra Woller
The itinerary for the Egypt adventure is a perfect blend of busy treks to ancient monuments, shopping, exploring, and peaceful downtime in a Nubian village and relaxing on a felucca. Our guide, Hassaan, was incredibly knowledgeable, and he combined a serious love and respect for the culture of Egypt with a sense of fun that made our tour time a truly magical experience.
Sarah Woller
Intrepid far beyond exceeded my expectations. Book the trip - you won't regret it!
Jessica Campbell
Our experience with Intrepid was phenomenal- from our leader, Maged, to our group, to the amazing experiences in the awe inspiring country that is Egypt. This was our first group adventure because I like to do my own thing on my own time but I believe I am a convert. We will absolutely travel with intrepid again.
Kim Murdie
Egypt is incedibly hot we had 46 degrees. Long hot days but incredible sites. Some hotels real basic, sleeper train - well thats an experience. Dont over pack ya dont need much. Egypt incredibly cheap. Great experience
Janet Tobin
Overall a fantastic, energetic and culturally saturated trip. Our leader, Ahmed, immediately facilated a bonding between group members that felt safe. We all experienced a great trip full of new knowledge, new friends and adventure.
Connie Romanik
Good Value Well organized Food was acceptable Transportation was good may insist that the Ice coolers in the bus are working
Lisa Allen
This is an amazing trip if you want to see all the highlights of Egypt & Jordan as well as experience some local culture! Arrange private transfers to make things easy - traffic in Egypt is crazy! Egypt is much cheaper than Jordan in all aspects - food, water, transit, sightseeing and souvenirs. Get ready to bargain for wonderful items to take home and be sure to ask your guide for their help. After a little culture shock you can expect to see things you never thought imaginable. Also, be respectful to the country you're in. You will be much more comfortable if you dress modestly and learn some Arabic language so that you can thank people and be polite.
Jody Rudman
This Intrepid tour of Egypt & Jordan is off the hook sensational. Talk about a sensory overload. 100% recommend this if you want to see as much as possible with complete ease and learn the history as you go.
Christopher Dones
Egypt Adventure is a great way to see a lot of the country in a small period of time. The itinerary is packed with things to do and see, and also interact with locals. It is an amazing tour that will immerse you in the culture and you will learn plenty about the history of Egypt!
Ben Brandes
This was an excellent "highlights" tour of Egypt. It takes you to all the expected tourist sites, but also includes several unique local experiences. Would highly recommend to all who are interested in a breathtaking Egyptian experience.
Kevin Mortazavi
Remember this is a fairly active trip in the heat. So please be prepared for long walks in the sun, lots of steps, and appropriate attire for the activity and culture.
Yvonne Bublitz
Breathtaking scenery, amazing history and mouthwatering food. During the summer months the trip can be a bit more physical. Petra by night, highly recommended.
Casey Jai Goodman
Egypt is a fantastic country with lots of history to be learnt. My guide made great effort to ensure no stone was left unturned and that I made the most of my time in Egypt.
Adolf Soeteman
I absolutely love travelling with Intrepid, just completed trip number 6 and loved every minute as I have with all my previous trips. The guides are exceptional! I have been to places I never dreamed of, met and dined with the local people, made great friends, love the "RT" responsible travel focus. I have become a true "Traveladdict" Thanks Intrepid for making it possible and feeding my habit.
Hamish Wood
I highly recommend Our guide Ahmed Abd Elaziz in Egypt
Mario A Gutierrez
Our trip was a blast. Egypt is a wonderful destination and Intrepid is a great tour operator. We really love this travel experience. Our tour guide, Mr. Ahmed Abdelaziz, is a remarkable person and excellent lead. Book your trip when you have a chance. Consider to travel during the winter if heat is an issue for you. Safety and security is good everywhere.
Vicki Hastings
I have found travelling with Intrepid to be safe and reasonably priced although as an Aussie I find the culture of 'tipping' foreign and hard to accept. Their use of local guides and service providers is excellent and means you are close to local culture. Depending on the trip affects the level and type of accommodation.
Jenny Rampon
For my first solo travel in a group, my trip with Intrepid was even better that I imagined. Because the group is small, it is easy to make friends (in my tour half of us were solo travelers). As a woman, going with Intrepid allowed me to visit a country (Egypt) which I may not have travelled to on my own. Our local guide/leader was the best guide I’ve ever had in my life, it is clear that Intrepid only select the best. I also never felt unsafe.
Matthew Sickerdick
This tour ticks everything you need to do in Egypt, and some. If you think Egypt only has the pyramids to offer, you better buckle up!
Cameron Bang
Overall a fantastic trip. Group leader was fantastic and will definitely book another trip with intrepid again