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Atemberaubende Natur in Afrikas Nationalparks

Ein Naturschauspiel in mehreren Akten. Die gigantischen Viktoriafälle bilden den Auftakt dieser Reise, bevor Dich im Kruger Nationalpark mit seiner vielfältigen Tier- und Pflanzenwelt ein unvergessliches Finale erwartet.


Victoria Falls, Simbabwe
Johannesburg, Südafrika
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Botswana, Simbabwe, Südafrika
Overland Wildlife
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  • Die beeindruckenden Viktoriafälle
  • Elefanten im Hwange Reservat beobachten
  • Safari durch den Krüger Nationalpark


Die Wassermassen des Sambesi, die zwischen Sambia und Simbabwe in die Tiefe donnern, ergeben ein Bild, das man nie wieder vergessen wird. Der dabei entstehende Nebel gab den Wasserfällen den Namen „Donnernder Rauch“.

Mit dem Jeep unternehmen wir eine Safari durch Simbabwes größtes Naturschutzgebiet, das über 100 Säugetierarten, darunter eine riesige Elefanten Population, Lebensraum bietet.

Nach einem Stopp in Bulawayo halten wir bei einer Wanderung Ausschau nach schwarzen und weißen Nashörnern. Am nächsten Tag kannst Du unter verschiedenen optionalen Aktivitäten wie Walking Safari, Fährtenlesen oder Vogelbeobachtung wählen..

Versteckt in der kargen Hügellandschaft, lädt die Moremi Gorge zu einer Wanderung zu einigen eindrucksvollen Wasserfällen ein.

Das Camp in Südafrikas Provinz Limpopo liegt in einer kulturell besonders interessanten Region in den „Blauen Bergen“. Völker wie die Hananwa pflegen alte Traditionen und gewähren Dir gerne einen Einblick.

Eine Safari führt durch das weite Grasland des Naturreservates. Die Silhouette einer majestätisch dahinschreitenden Giraffe am Horizont wird Dir in Erinnerung bleiben.

Vorbei am gewaltigen Blyde River Canyon führt die Reise nach Johannesburg.

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8 Frühstück, 5 Mittagessen, 7 Abendessen


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8x Camp

Eingeschlossene Aktivitäten

Hwange National Park - Pirschfahrt;
Matobo National Park - Geführte Wander-Safari;
African Ivory Route - Kultur Dinner;
Kruger National Park - Pirschfahrt;
Panorama Route - Three Rondavels;


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This was a great experience for several reasons. I am a woman and I traveled from the US to Victoria Falls alone. Getting to know the tour group members, leader, driver and cook eased some of my concerns about traveling alone. I have never camped before but everyone was very helpful with helping me set up the tent, especially the driver Shimane!! I had some dietary restrictions and the cook made adjustments for me and another traveler. Our tour was at the end of June and we were able to see the big 5, we actually saw all of the big 5 animals at least twice, with the exception of the Rhinos. We saw the Rhinos one time. The excursion tours were amazing, those tour guides were great as well. If you are not a camper, female traveling alone, bring gloves for setting up/breaking down the tents. By the 3rd day a number of other campers were using my gloves to take the tents down. Also, if you are traveling in June/July, African winter, bring a coat/hat/scarf. It was a very comfortable temperature in the daytime, but when the sun went down the temperature dropped significantly during the night. Also at times you’ll ride in open vehicles at night, so you will need the coat/hat/scarf. The trip notes are very descriptive. Read them all. Read all of the reviews as well. The notes and reviewer suggestions helped a non-camper like me. I upgraded a couple of times those accommodations were good as well. It was a great trip overall.
This trip was definitely a great experience for those who are interested in Africa and its wildlife. We came with zero expectations and got more than what we asked for. Met so many amazing people on this trip, including the Intrepid crew, who made the 18 days feel so enjoyable. Especially loved the 2 nights spent in the delta and would do it all over again if I could! The guides for each activity and game drive were knowledgeable and fun to be with. Thanks Intrepid for the great experience in Africa!
Read all essential trip information, some people did not and were in for surprises. I read the whole thing and nothing surprised me as far as logostics go.
This is a the perfect way to see the animals and birds. By camping in the wild or in Game Parks you feel very close to nature. As long as you can cope with sleeping on mattresses in a tent this type of trip is great and affordable.
It was the best decision to do my first trip with Intrepid because the crew and the everybody else and the trip made it so unforgettable. We had so funny evenings every day. Even the long drives were entertaining.
Brett & Janette
Go with Intrepid you won't regret it, you will just have the experience and adventures of a life time and you'll want to keep going and going like we have !
Gill & Dennis
Great experience with plenty of opportunity to meet local people, see the animals and take in the landscape.
An interesting first half of the tour. But be prepared for a lot of travel and many early starts and not a lot of rest
I would highly recommend Intrepid and wouldn't hesitate to use their services again based on my experiences. Their team is great and gave me the experience of a lifetime!
Be open to anything, expect nothing, just enjoy what this trip gives you. The group of travellers were amazing and became a family. It's a lot of driving so be prepared but the reward is well worth any discomfort. Enjoy the sounds of nature that staying in a tent offers, an incredible experience.
I would highly recommend Intrepid and would use their services again. Great experiences and value for the money paid. I never imagined I would have such intimate experiences with the animals in the wild. Our group leaders were an exceptional bunch!
I had a love/hate relationship with this trip. I loved the game drives, esp. the night ones. We did manage to see the "Big 5". It was absolutely amazing to see hyenas surrounding a pride of lions devouring their prey. Giraffes, elephants, lions, wildebeests, crocodiles, hippos, warthogs... Wow! I found that I was not a camper though, and did not enjoy the camping aspect of this trip, esp. the setting up and taking down of that heavy tent every night/morning. I found there was too much down time at the campsites as well with little to do as it got dark very early. Also, be prepared for very long bus rides!
Overall an enjoyable trip. The highlights were rhino tracking in Zimbabwe and the days exploring Kruger in South Africa. (The day driving to Moremi Gorge was a bit dull.) If you are travelling alone do not pick the single supplement - take the opportunity to get to know others. Pack small items from your country (ie pins, pens, clip on Koalas if your Australian) to distribute to the kids you meet.
If you enjoy adventure and camping do yourself a favour and book with intrepid!!! Well organized and so many experiences that we will remember for the rest of our lives! Well done team!!
Awesome trip! Don’t forget to take some warm clothes for the evenings!
This trip was amazing! So much of the experience was having fun with the other people in the group. Tips: be eager to help each other out at the camp (helping people with tents, packing stuff into the truck, cleaning dishes, etc). And read the trip notes!
Before I started the trip I wasn’t sure if camping was right for me. After the trip I can now say there is no better way of truly experiencing Southern Africa! Best trip ever!
Incredible cultural experience! Be prepared for some long, hot and dusty days but the reward is so worth the effort.
Toilet and shower facilities were better than i expected, food was excellent and plentiful, if you come from temperate regions the comments on how cold it gets at night are slightly over the top. My one piece of advice is take a really powerful torch because once its dark its very dark.
Quick whistlestop tour but thoroughly entertaining.
First time traveling in Africa and love it. First time camping and living with a truck. First time traveling with a large group- 21 but enjoyed everyone. Shame it was a split group which is difficult to rejoin an existing tour group.
The Okavango Delta’s beauty will blow your mind, but the surprises don’t end there. Just wait until you reach Motobos NP where you will get so close to a rhino you can feel their breath! You will enjoy learning about animal conservation and expect to be inspired to get involved.
It was a great trip, the leaders were really friendly and made us feel welcome. They always helped us with our tents which we really appreciated. The food was amazing, expecially the dinners and the French toast. The itinerary itself I thought was a bit slow, some days had no activities or just brief ones. Sometimes it felt like we were just waiting to get to Kruger. The Rino day was sensational, not just seeing the Rinos but all the different things we did that day.
Bring any old clothes to wear then leave them in Joburg with the guys. They will donate for you. Also, night drives are chilly even if hot during the day. Recommend a beanie and jacket. It’s very windy!
The trip was an excellent way to see many of Southern Africa's sites on the one trip, something that would not be easily possible otherwise. Great staff.
This is the worst tour I have had so far! Very poor management and customer service ! I will NOT join any tour from Intrepid again!
Africa at its best - gorgeous nature, wild animals all around, amazing skies, all while in a great company!
Words just can not describe the adventures I have had with Intrepid on all my travels so far. I have met amazing people, seen great things and hope to continue to do so as I embark my journey in like - thank you to the Intrepid Team x
I would highly recommend this trip to everyone! A perfect way to see so much of a beautiful continent and meet some interesting people along the way too. I am not much of a camper but really enjoyed sleeping under the stars! The trip flew by my only regret was that it wasn’t longer!!
The trip was excellent value for money. The highlight were the bush camp in the Okavango Delta but also excellent was Victoria Falls, Motopo Hills and Kruger. Would certainly recommend the trip. A pair of gloves helps with the clips on the tents. Colin, Enos and Gordon were all fantastic.