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Bahamas Sailing Adventure
In einem der schönsten Segelreviere der Welt entdecken eine vielseitige Unterwasserwelt, kristallklares, türkisfarbenes Wasser und unbewohnte Inselchen auf den Bahamas.
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Bahamas Sailing Adventure
Joann Bradish

This trip was absolutely amazing… the skipper Judy & cook Megan were excellent at their jobs & so much fun. I fell in love with sailing on this trip. And the Bahamas are stunning, surrounded by beautiful blue/green sea. I like to do activities on holidays, but before this trip I had been working extra hard for a few months, so I also wanted to relax… this trip had the PERFECT mix of both.

Bahamas Sailing Adventure
Carol Harper

The Bahamas trip was wonderful. Do pack light, use sun block, and prepare to relax and enjoy not only the land and sea, but the captain, cook, and fellow passengers, each of whom brings a new angle and loads of fun to the trip.

Bahamas Sailing Adventure
Fiona Stuckey

If you are considering the idea of sailing, being on a boat, or just want to see the Bahamas – this is the trip for you!! I was overwhelmed by the trip from start to finish. Your guide Judy and cook Meg were wonderful hosts with lots of stories and local knowledge, making sure we had an extra special trip! My highlights were swimming with the pigs, snorkeling, exploring local islands, cruising along on the boat, tasting the local rum punch, feeding turtles and rays, and exploring Green Turtle island on golf carts! Definitely worth the money and travel for this trip of a lifetime! Thanks ladies for such a great adventure! Hopefully I’ll be back next year to see it with you again!

Bahamas Sailing Adventure
Andrea Schriber

This trip was by far my most relaxing one, it was an experience I will never forget, also because of the good knowledge of Judy who tried always their best to realize a amazing itinerary. Meg‘s cooking skills were amazing and if you are looking for a beach holiday not on the beach, thats what it is, loved it

Bahamas Sailing Adventure
Rae Wilson

The Bahamas sailing adventure is everything you could hope for and more. Interaction with pigs, turtles and sting rays was incredible. Pure bliss.

Bahamas Sailing Adventure
Craig Knott

This was an amazing trip, with an outstanding crew. I learned a few sailing skills, while also getting to sit back, relax and enjoy some rum!

Bahamas Sailing Adventure
Kathleen Cleversley

If you love being on the water and seeing lots of sea life then this trip is for you. As a group everyone got along and we all talked about how great it was to get to know Judy and Adrian.

Bahamas Sailing Adventure
Emily Legault

I have an amazing experience and checked a few things off my bucket list. I got to see a lot of wildlife including my favorite swimming with a sea turtle. I suggest keeping an open mind because you will have to share a bed with a stranger. It is a bit roughing it with the showers but it was well worth it. My bank card did not always work so bring enough money that you would need in advance. And also bring money to tip the cook as well, it was not included in the tipping. Wear lots of sun cream and smile and laugh!

Bahamas Sailing Adventure
Will Kew

Intrepid is an excellent travel company providing unique experiences around the world with an excellent quality of service. Highly recommended.

Bahamas Sailing Adventure
Susanne Metzger

Our expectations were exceeded. Great crew making it a lifetime experience. Can recommend it definitely also for honeymooners. The Bahamas are a paradise and Judy will show you this paradise.